If I Were a Rich Man Woman . . .

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LiveJournal’s writer’s block question pertained to something about what you would do if you won the lottery. That got me to think. What do I want to do with a huge sum of money that would set me well for the rest of my life? Here are some ideas on what I would do!

* Donate some to my favourite charities. Only problem is I have to figure out what my favourites are.

* Give some funds away to my parents. After all, they have put up with me for many years, so I think some payback is necessary. That and my mother would give me HELL if I didn’t share some with her. She’s already giving me grief about not giving half of my income tax refund to her after I told her I wanted to off to Japan again later this year. !@#$!@#$

* Invest some funds wisely. That is sort of optional. See, I know nothing about investment, so I’d need to find a trustworthy financial expert to help me with that.

* Start up an anime/manga/video game cafe I’ve dreamed about. But first, I need to find me a business partner, one who can handle all the financial crap. And two, I need to figure out where I want to start the business. Seoul’s one. Tokyo’s another. And hell, why not London?

* Purchase a nice hi-tech apartment in Seoul. Heck, if I have the money, I’ll even buy a place in expensive Gangnam-gu area, south of the river!

* Travel to many places. I would love to visit Tokyo (again), Kyoto, Osaka, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing (just to see the Great Wall of China), all over Canada, parts of United States, Peru, Egypt, and all over Europe! Oh and I’ll go to Guam, even though it’s not a place I want to visit again, but only because my best friend is there.

* Visit friends. Along with my best friend in Guam, I want to visit friends and family members in Tennessee, Texas, California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Australia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and . . . too many effing places!

* Buy all the books, animes, movies, mangas, and video games I do not have in my collection! That also includes investing in some nice bookshelves with glass covers to showcase my gems.

* Get a region-free DVD player and a surround sound system. I already have a nice TV (albeit a second-hand one), so now I just need a nice sound system to go with it.

* Spoil my rabbit. Yes, I’d get her a bigger cage and a nice room for her to run around and chew in. Actually, never mind the chewing. I’d be afraid of her chewing down the entire place.

* Enhance my musical skills. I will invest in the best digital piano in the world along with an awesome soprano and alto saxophone. Oh and maybe add in a cheap trumpet to blast on when I’m bored. Or when I get pissed off at someone, I can honk their eardrums out.

* Become a freelancer. If I’m set in my life and not have to work, I’d still want to work as a freelancer of some sort. Some kind of job I can do at home, whether it’s writing, editing, or designing a flyer or something.

Well that covers my list, I think! I would be a happy, happy person if that ever happened. But I can only dream right now. *sighs*


  1. Traveling would be number 1 on my list… And donating stuff to charity.

    I love that you would spoil your rabbit with a bigger cage. lol. I will get a dog… and spoil it.

  2. Great plans! I would definitely donate some to the charities, do investment and the most important, to purchase my very own PC collection including all the adventure the mystery games I longed to have.

    Musical talent is an expensive hobby to pursue due to the high quality instruments. I’m definitely going to get a drum set or have guitar lessons if I have such a huge sum of money. ^0^

  3. Haha, spoil your rabbit, that’s cute. ^^

  4. If I had a lot of money, I’d invest most of it, pay off some loans with some, buy houses for myself and family, perhaps some cars for friends, sponsor some kids in third-world countries and of course, travel!

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