Too Many Hobbies and Interests!

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The other day, I was chatting with a friend. I told him that I bought another game to add to my queued up list of stuff to do. His response was a simple “dang”. That single word made me stop and think for a minute. You see, I always have stuff to do! My poor to-do list is huge — probably longer than the Great Wall of China! My backlog consists of these activities:

  • Read books, mangas, and fanfics
  • Watch animes, movies, and TV shows
  • Listen to music (the ones I haven’t listened to yet)
  • Play video games on the DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation, SNES, and etcetera
  • Write stories, fanfics, and blog entries
  • Design, create, and update webpages
  • Practice and master piano pieces (easy ones)
  • Learn Japanese
  • Improve Korean skills
  • . . . and MORE

. . . Then it hit me square in the face: I have way too many hobbies and interests — most of which are expensive ones! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind having a lot of different interests. Without them, I’d slowly go insane. As someone who grew up as an only child with not a lot of friends (compared to some people), I learned how to entertain by myself in my solitary state. It’s because of such life, I despise situations like group gaming, group work, and other large group-oriented activities. I like doing stuff by myself, for the most part. The only thing I do not mind is having a nice long conversation with someone, one-on-one. But aside from that, I like doing stuff that doesn’t require much interaction with people — hence all these hobbies and interests I’m allowed to peruse and do alone.

So these hobbies and interests prevent me from going insane. Now, though, I think they are affecting me in a bonkerish type of way! Because I have a long list of stuff to do, I feel like I’m never going to get them accomplished! I thought last year, that once I finished school, I’d have more time to do stuff like these! In a way, I’m right and wrong. I do have time to do stuff that can be done quickly, instead of something that’s extremely time consuming. For an example, I can read a manga in about an hour as oppose to a Russian novel that may take me at least twenty-four hours! I can make time to play a short DS game (something under 15 hours), but to play a console RPG that will take up at least 30 hours is out of the question most days!

Aigoos. Some days I feel the way I feel now: why do I have so many of these hobbies?! But for the most part? I’m happy. I’m glad I have a variety of activities to choose from. It’s because of the fact that I can choose from different activities, I never grow bored and go on a homicidal rampage. XD However, looking at my list makes me wonder if I’ll finish any of them in my lifetime . . . only time will tell!


  1. Wow, that really is a long list of to-do list. Just like you, I have lots of things to do too, aside from my personal hobbies there’s always a never ending list of tasks which I would never accomplish. Although I’m not an only child but being the only female among all my siblings makes me feel bored easily, I just know how you feel. Glad to know that you feel contented pursuing all those wonderful hobbies. ^0^

  2. “I have way too many hobbies and interests — most of which are expensive ones!”

    Ug.. I hear you, but I’m not giving them up anytime soon. I suppose it is better than beer and drugs hahaha!

    I don’t even want to think about my to-do list. I might get stressed out, heh.

  3. *stabs the code box* I kept messing up..

    *sigh* There are so many things I want to do, but I just don’t have the time or money to do it. I really want to go traveling…or have some kind of road trip. And take tons of pictures along the way. Then scrapbook it all. ..

    I’m the middle child, so I’m always off doing my own things by myself.

  4. I have too many hobbies as well… But I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Besides, I don’t mind if I ever “finish” them. Cheesy as it sounds, it’s about the experience (the journey) rather than the finished product (the destination). Oh geez, I should stop. Haha

    But my hobbies, especially compared to yours, are a lot cheaper :P

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