Junjou Romantica Anime Complete!

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I finally watched the last episode of Junjou Romantica. Here’s a single word to describe my feelings for it.


I know that all good things must come to an end, but for this anime series to end pretty much says how much I enjoy it and love it. As someone who hates long anime series, I actually wouldn’t mind another twelve-episodes season. One more of these will be fine. Any more than that, I’ll go bonkers. But still! I want more EGOIST! Nowaki and Hiroki FTW! ♥ ♥ ♥

At least I still have the mangas to look forward to. I just hope the mangaka completes the series soon, though! But still . . . T____T;; I want more Junjou anime!

*sighs and looks at the queued up list of animes to watch* What to watch next . . .

Random Thoughts of the Day
One of my co-workers, after watching my type, said to me today that I type like I’m playing the piano. Now that she said that to me, I’m actually wondering about that. I guess in a way my hand does fly around the keyboard like it does on the piano. However, when it comes to playing the piano, my fingers are stretched out instead of curved. When I type, my fingers are usually curved. Well, my left hand is. My right hand’s fingers are stretched out. Still, the two being correlated never came to me until today. Huh. Interesting. *continues to watch her hand as she types*


  1. My co-workers always make fun of how LOUD i type. It’s because I type with my nails and my my fingertips. You’d think I’m sending an angry email, lol.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes as well. :)

  2. Like Chanel, I type loudly. When I talk to my friends on the phone while I’m on the computer, they always tell me to stop attacking my keyboard. LOL.
    It’s funny that your coworker even noticed that though…

  3. hmm i curve when i type.. aren’t your fingers supposed to curve when you play piano? *piano lesson horror flashback* =shudders=

  4. Hmm…I never notice the way I type. I guess I also fly around. Actually, it depends on how long my nails are. When I start slowing down, it reminds me to cut my nails. LOL….

  5. That’s interesting, I never notice the way I type. Now that I take a closer look, I type with my fingers curve. I usually keep my nails short but my friends still think that my typing sound is loud.

  6. I just looked down on my hand to see how I typed after reading this XD;; Half of my fingers are curved I think. I also noticed that sometimes I don’t use my pinky when I should, and I replace it by using my ring finger.

    Yay for Junjou! I LOVE Egoist XD

  7. Aw that’s a good compliment that your co-worker said to you! It shows that you are a true piano player (wait, are you?)

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