Happy Crappytine’s Day!

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It’s the fourteenth here, so I am allowed to wish everyone a fantastic Crappytine’s Day. :D

Seriously, who the hell made up that day? This holiday is filled with nothing but commercialism! Why must there be a special day to show you care about someone?! You should do that all the time, in my opinions! I love how this year’s Crappytine’s Day fell after Friday the 13th. The irony of it all cracks me up. Wouldn’t it be absolutely awful if some couples out there actually broke up on Friday the 13th before Crappytine’s Day? I may be a cynic, but even breaking up on that day is too harsh and hilarious all at the same time.

Ah well. The only good thing is that those chocolates go on sale after this horrid day. XD If I can save money on chocolates, that’s fine by me! Chocolate is good for the soul.

. . . Too bad chocolates can’t make my tonsils better. Stupid tonsils! I may have to resort to tonsillectomy one day. X___X;;


  1. After-valentine-chocolate-sale? The only thing that makes this time of the year bearable.
    Happy Valentine’s day to you!

  2. Heh, I agree that it’s pretty much all commercialism, but sometimes it’s not bad to have a reason to have a special celebration and something to look forward to. The same can be said about most holidays/celebrations really. On sale chocolates is nice though XD

  3. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more that Valentine’s Day has become more and more commercialised, so much that it loses it’s true meaning.

    Chocolates are my favourites too! Happy Valentine’s!

  4. I agree with the lack of meaning in Valentine’s day. We went to play tennis to celebrate, but we do it lots of other days, so it’s fairly stupid.

    I got presents, but I don’t see why single people get one less present in their year apart from their birthdays and Christmas. Doesn’t seem fair at all!

  5. i have to work that day so we ended up skating at the park like any other day after i got off. nothing special. enjoyed the day though. and the chocolates. heehee

  6. Kwang Lee on

    That’s hillarious! Crappytines Day? Why didn’t I think of that? Hahaha!

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