Animes and Mangas Organisation Day

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Aside from RPing a story that’s taking place in the Harry Potter world with a good friend, today was spent quite . . . productively.

You see, I have compiled a list of animes I’ve watched at Anime News Network and a list of mangas I’ve read at Manga Updates. Late last year, I decided to start keeping track of these two hobbies of mine to My Anime List along with ANN and MU as a back-up, in case one of these sites ever die.

Well, I spent about three days here and there to do that. I finally finished. *dies from the effort*

* Anime List
* Manga List

The sad thing? They aren’t fully complete. I have a tonne of animes that I’ve seen as a kid that I have no clue what are called (I watched them on Korean channels, where the title, character names, and etcetera were all changed to the Korean equivalence in many cases), nor am I going to figure out how many episodes of I’ve seen of them. As for the manga list, I don’t keep track of all the single oneshots I read (a single chapter — not a whole volume) or doujinshi, so that’s sadly incomplete as well.

But dude . . . just looking at these incomplete lists make me go wow. Imagine how huge it would be if I did make it fully complete.

ETA: And I also did the same by transferring what I had on Game FAQs to Backloggery for video games.


  1. I know what you mean. My manga list is well over a 100 now and I know that’s probably only half of it! Really puts into perspective where all my time goes XD

  2. Wow, I don’t think I can organize a list of anime and manga that I’ve watched/read. Most of the time, I can’t even remember the titles. ^^;;

  3. Add me! Add me! I spent many many days arranging myanimelist as well, but gave up on the manga since I don’t read manga religiously – except for Naruto. And those Ito Junji ones, I can devour them all in one sitting.

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