Antique Bakery Marathon

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On Sunday or Monday night, I read all four volumes of Antique Bakery the manga.

On Tuesday night, I watched six episodes of the anime.

Today, I watched the rest of the anime.

Now, I want to watch the Korean live-action film and compare.

Here’s my incoherent fangirl review in a single paragraph.

HOMG. All four characters were awesome. No cakes need to look so pretty and delicious at the same time! I want my own Chikage! He was so sweet! I love how snarky Tachibana was! The anime was gorgeous! Well, sort of. It took me about two episodes to get used to whatever animation technique they used. That whole . . . three-dimension-ish background with two-dimensions animation wasn’t what I was used to, but it grew on me. I love how they took classical music and rearranged it for the anime! Just, guh! The last three or four days were spent quite well, if you ask me! My only complaint was about the manga. The plot structure was really weird — jumping all over the place O_O;; I was like the hell at first. I’m glad the anime didn’t follow that route and instead used a sane plot structure that’s easier to follow.

The end.


  1. I watched a couple episodes of Antique Bakery. Wasn’t too comfortable with the gay theme, but I loved the drawings (and the cakes!), which reminds me I need to finish the anime. LOL!

    If you like pretty boys, I suggest Kuroshitsuji. I’ve been very addicted to that lately. It’s more on the violent, supernatural side though.

  2. I’ve never heard of Antique Bakery, but your relationship with Antique Bakery is like mine with Naruto. Haha

  3. yes that’s me, hehe

  4. Your relationship with this manga maybe actually come close to my stalkerish obsession with Phoenix Wright.

  5. so you love anime? lol I used to love anime too but I kinda grew up with it so now, not anymore.. the antique bakery korean live version has joo ji hoon on it ayt? correct me if im mistaken

    ps: if ever you’ll visit my blog.. the password for my post is: whatcanmelsay

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