The Travelling Bug

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After I finished that website about my trip to Tokyo, I suddenly have this urge to go travelling somewhere. I don’t know why. I feel empty, feel lost in my current life right now. I don’t know where I’m going any more. That’s how I’ve been feeling since last year, and it only grows stronger as time goes by.

But suddenly, I think about going back to Tokyo, and that’s all I can really think about (aside from other random stuff). I actually can afford it, especially when I get my income tax refund. I want to go to Tokyo or Kyoto. Heck, even Osaka. I want to go to Europe but that’s a bit out of my budget . . . but Japan is calling my name. I keep looking at that Sunshine City Prince Hotel offer on Travelocity, and it’s tempting me. Really badly.

I would love to go back to Tokyo or wherever else in Japan I feel like I want to check out. However, I have NOBODY to go with. What the fudge! I have the money, and I’m sure I can get the time to go by requesting leave (I have enough hours), but I don’t have anybody else to share this adventure with! Sure, I can go by myself, but where’s the fun in that?!

*sighs* Anybody want to go to Tokyo with me? Or Kyoto? Or Osaka? Or somewhere?! I just want to get out of Korea for a week or so!


  1. Man, I’d love to visit Tokyo or Kyoto one day. I hope you’ll be able to find someone to go with you!

  2. I’ll do you the favor of going with you… all you have to do is pay for my plane ticket. Pretty damn good deal don’t you think? :P

  3. I WOULD LOVE TO GO WITH YOU but I don’t have the money since I’m putting all of it into my trip to Switzerland this summer.

  4. Take me with you, please! I never have been anywhere but in and around Europe…
    (except once Vietnam but apart from that… ZERO!)

    Aww, Japan is so expensive…

  5. about Tokyo, the ballet choreographer told us yesterday, that we might go there this summer.. but it still aint sure.. Group A of ballet will go to korea and the other group in Japan.. So you’re in Korea right now? wow!!! I envy you for that

  6. No one wears white coats in Australia. It’s not compulsory to wear white coats as doctors over here and no one does because it might look to pretentious. Most doctors wear business type kind of clothes- shirts, ties, pants, skirts, but not tooo fancy because it’ll get ruined anyway. If you work in the theatre, its jut scrubs. hehe.

    I love travelling! I’m hoping to do as much travelling as I can in the next few years!

  7. I have that traveling bug really bad right now too. I haven’t been out of town for anything fun since April… and even the April one was for work since it was an AITP contest and I had to do computer work…

    I’m so ready to go anywhere, even if it means just going 3 hours away to the pretty part of texas and play around in the woods. xD

    I will have to wait for a while still before I can go anywhere far for money issues and work issues. Sigh.

  8. I would LOVE to go to Tokyo with you but I’m super broke right now. =( I heard Japan is really expensive!

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