Pretty Picspam

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My birthday flowers from Daddy!

I bought this gorgeous mug from Starbucks ($8.50?! This is when brand name SUCKS), and despite its high price, I like it. I’ve been looking and waiting for a pretty mug like this. It has snowflakes, it’s a perfect shade of blue, and it’s not heavy. So yes, it’s the perfect mug!



  1. That mug is pretty! I like it. I really want a pretty mug too… Mine is just plain white and boring.
    When is (was?) your birthday? Happy birthday!

  2. What a cute mug! Snowflakes definitely gets you in the winter spirit of drinking hot coco…

  3. Pretty flowers! That’s sweet that he got them for you. The mug is also cute. I have one similar to it, also from Starbucks, except it’s white XD

  4. that’s really sweet of your dad to give you flowers. i love flowers !

    the mug is absolutely gorgeous. i’ve been looking around looking for a giant nice mug. maybe i should visit starbucks.

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