One Project Done, Finally

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Plugging Prismatic!!!!!

. . . My May 2008 trip to Tokyo website. Yes. Here’s a project I started in June 2008. Took me about seven months. How you like them apples? XD

. . . Yes, I’m such a procrastinator, and I get easily distracted by other stuff, apparently.

. . . But it’s finally up! Enjoy!


  1. Haha it’s okay… I’m a procrastinator like you! I’ll definitely take a closer look at it when I have more time. That’s so awesome though! It makes me want to create a similar project for my 10-day West Coast road trip with my friends in July 2008!

  2. Awesome site! You’re still less procrastinaty than me… at least you (eventually) get your projects done! *goes to read*

  3. VERY NICE! I’ve always wanted to do something like this, whether it was online or offline. However, I lack the organizational skills, everlasting motivation, and time for it.

  4. hahaha Im the same. The site looks fantastic though XD

  5. I’ve been to tokyo 5 years ago,, we had a ballet tour back then. LOL don’t worry coz you’re not the only procastinator, im also one

  6. I forgot to mention how jealous I am. XD

  7. Oh my God I miss Japan so much. My cousin used to live there and last night we were both like ‘damn we miss Japan.’ I miss the convenience stores the most!

  8. The site looks great! Sounds like a fun weekend, despite the security detail, losing photos, falling, breaking stuff, etc.

    I only spent 24 hours in Fukuoka to get a new working visa in Korea and have always wanted to return to see more of Japan. Someday…

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