Snowy Lunar New Year

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Sort of. It’s been rather snowy this weekend, which I don’t mind. I think it stopped snowing for the time being, but who knows. Regardless, I hope everyone have a fantastic Lunar New Year!

And since I am enjoying the snow, here are fifteen pictures showcasing the snow we had last week. Yeah, yeah, it’s not the most recent snow, but snow is snow. Here are the snow around my apartment area, which luckily takes a while to melt compared to the one out in the main streets!

BTW, don’t ask me what that second to the last picture is of. It’s some . . . straw structure that’s being used as some kind of lawn ornament in some areas apparently.


  1. SNOW!!!! WOW! That’s amazing. It doesn’t snow where I live; it just rains a lot.

    The snow is so pretty, but I’m not so sure if I’ll be able to live with it since I don’t really do well in cold weather. XD

  2. We got snow (well, flurries. But they’re essentially the same thing!) this weekend too. It’s always so beautiful :) I only hate it when there’s too much of it and I can’t drive anywhere anymore.

  3. Oh snow, something I haven’t seen in so long… The pictures are pretty!

  4. snow is beautiful. i don’t see it over here; it only exists in the mountains for us.

    happy new lunar year tara!!

  5. Kat - Kat on

    Weeee snow! I just hope I live in your place. haha ~ I really wanna see snow :( btw, Happy New Year to you ^__^

  6. My toes froze when I saw these pictures. And my teeth started chattering!

  7. I don’t like snow but hey…

    Oh, pretty snow pictures! :)

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