2008 Income Tax

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It’s that time of the year, folks. It’s time to whip out that calculator, print out the 1040EZ form, find all my W-2s, figure out my taxable interest, and buckle down to do some serious arithmetic.

Oh and add the following expletives and other flowery language to that ordeal. !@#$!@#$!@#$

That’s how I feel about these stupid tax thing. It’s quite TAXING (puns intended) to do this every January. At least I’ll get a huge sum back this year as a refund. That’s always nice. Although, the first time I tried to do this, I grew confused and somehow came to the conclusion that I owe a huge amount. Don’t ask. My brain is incapable of understanding economic.

Bah. At least it’s done. Took me less time to do it this time. I guess it grows easier every year? Yeah, right. Wait until I have other smashing payments to complicate my simple process. Now I just have to wait several weeks for the handsome sum to appear in my bank account. WHOO HOO.


  1. Thank God I have my grandfather! Haha, he was an accountant so he does it for me for free. He is the bestest grandpa in the world! lol

  2. The first time in my life I did taxes, I got $19 refund. I was pissed!

  3. Yea…I’m waiting for my dad to get our tax stuff ready so that we can take it to the tax lady. She has a proper name, but I’ve been calling her the tax lady all my life…

  4. Ugh, I’ll need to be doing my taxes soon too. I use a tax program which is easier at least, but it’s still annoying to go through.

  5. Omg I hate tax season! I’d rather pay the money to get someone to do it for me but my dad keeps on forcing me to do it myself so I learn. Grr.

  6. UGH! Thanks for reminding me that I have yet to do my taxes. On top of that, I’m sure my mom will have me do her taxes as well as her boyfriend’s.

  7. our tax season is a bit later on in the year..

  8. I got that subject too and what’s worse is that we’re still on the introduction.. no computations yet

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