Happy Birthday to Yours Truly!

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I turned a year older today.

. . . Now I am slowly starting to realise why older folks do not enjoy celebrating their birthdays. It’s not cool turning another year older. If there was an age I wish I could stay at forever, it would be 21. That was like the best age for me. Now that I am beyond that particular age, I am not exactly happy. But then again, dwelling on a number won’t get me anywhere in life either. I may as well just suck it up and live with it.

At least I know I have people around who care about me. My dad gave me twelve $5 bills and called it lunch money for the week, a gorgeous thing of flowers, and of course moola to help pay for Provo. My mum cooked an awesome meal for me. One cousin bought over cake and another bought me a pizza he made himself from Mr. Pizza. One friend helped me with the computer. One friend bought me dinner at an Indian restaurant. One friend kept me company yesterday. A whole bunch of people on Twitter, Facebook, and etcetera wished me “happy birthday”. I’m thankful to have family and friends in my life to do all this for me.

Time to end this entry, though, before it gets ridiculously sappy to the point where Care Bears will come appearing out of nowhere and say, “WE CARE”. I’m all for Care Bears, but some things are not meant to go overboard with to the point I make myself shudder from the sickeningly sweet images.



    A year older, a year wiser. =]

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I know what you mean though… I’m going to be like.. uugg when my next Birthday comes up. My own grandparents didn’t even want to believe how old I already am. ^^;;

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Right now, I don’t even know how I feel about getting older. I’m at that point where I don’t care :P
    But I’m glad you’re having a grand time. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday Tara!

    My ideal age would be 25… just because some places you have to be 25+ to do stuff (eg. rent a car without paying extra insurance, enter some clubs, etc). =P

  6. Happy bday! ^^
    *gives cokies*

  7. Yay, Tara! A very merry birthday to you! I know what you mean about now wanting to be old anymore… I turn *gulp* 23 in a few weeks. WEIRD! I don’t think I ever felt older than 21…

    Anyway, you can just stay “21” forever, you know. No one has to know your real age past that. ;)

  8. I hope you had an awesome birthday :3 I guess I don’t mind getting older while I’m still in my 20’s. I’ll worry when I hit the big three-oh XD;;

  9. AAHAHAH CARE BARES!!!! <3 love. Happy belated, and yay for january babies! *high five*

    I am turning 20+1 next week… I’d rather stay 18 or 19.


    age doesn’t scare me; it’s more not meeting the expectations i want to meet at that age.

    sometimes i want to go back to when i was a teenager but then i know the older the get the more i’m improving and becoming a better person. you are too tara :)

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