Farewell, Praxis

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Tomorrow, I will finally get that dream computer built. That means, tomorrow afternoon, Praxis will be no more.

I will miss thee, but I will not miss Rip Off, the slave drive within you. Since the processor died a couple of years ago, it has not been the same.

Praxis, you have served well for the last several years. However, it’s time for an upgrade.


  1. I wonder when I can put my ancient IBM to rest… It’s the oldest living computer alive, I think.

  2. Yay for upgrades! My sister and I have the worst luck when it comes to building our own computers. I’ve basically given up on it…

  3. What computer are you getting built? I was going to do that too except I got lazy and one of those Future Shop bundles instead.

  4. Sounds cool! Can’t wait to see the new computer!

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