Mini-Vacation Coming Up

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. . . Yes, I requested some leave, from Thursday to Tuesday. Unfortunately, part of it will be spent at this one evil otolaryngology (ENT) clinic that specialises in poking sticks into noses and ears. Apparently, my so-called sinusitis is some sort of a bacterial infection that affected my nose, throat, and ears, so it needs cleansing and medicinal injections. Ugh . . . can I say, I hate the insides of my head?!

Oh, and regarding this clinic, I decided I hate Korean doctors. I like my nice American-style doctors who explains what the hell they are going do to me before they stick something into sensitive areas. I like my American-style doctors who has a pleasant disposition instead of a “HURRY UP NEXT PATIENT” mentality and personality. Yes, this Korean doctor is the total opposite of what I prefer and am used to. This doctor’s a freaking Hyde, man. GROWL. Yes, I did not like this stupid doctor, but at this point in time, he’s the only one we know of that’s nearby. To make it worse, he said I needed to come every day for two weeks. Oh, hell noes. I am not spending every day of my mini-vacation in that torture chamber!

*sighs* Enough about that evil doctor. I have other stuff to worry about. I have plans to finally get my new computer built later this week, friends to meet, and just relax and catch up on stuff with my mini-vacation. I just hope I don’t end up losing my hearing and my sense of smell over this weekend.


  1. I hope your doctor won’t torture you anymore! You should do what I do… and just not go :P

  2. Yeh Asian doctors… =____=;;
    But then some of the Australian doctors in the hospitals are real jerks… soo arrogant.

    Anyway, I hope they solve your sinus problems. It’s a real pain when your insides are sore and you can’t do anything. Have they suggested flushing it out with saline?

    How could you not like The Great Gatsby?!!!!! I swear my life revolves around that novel. Haha~ After the movie I hated Daisy and Tom Buchannan more! II loved the imagery and the themes which evolve around that book. Besides love there was the fall of the American dream and the growing of materialism. I loved it! Ahhh, sorry I’m starting on one of my rants again :p Don’t worry, my little sister wasn’t a big fan of it either.

    Hope you have a wonderful mini-break :DD

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