Youtube Fun: Cross-Dressing Boys

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Here I am, chatting with a friend, and she gives me this link. A link to some clip from a Japanese variety show that shows some dude primped up as a gal and gets rated at the end of the clip. I discovered that there were over 100 of them on Youtube. I spent the next several hours going through them. After going through them, I have to say that some of these boys are much prettier than real girls. Here are three of my favourites — two really pretty ones and one not-so-pretty-one but whose enthusiasm amused me greatly compared to some of the boys’ stoic and boring personalities.


Oh, he’s not feminine or anything, but his enthusiasm rocked my socks and cracked me up. :) You go bold, guy!


This was the first one I saw, and I swore to myself that it couldn’t be a woman. ~_~;; But it’s a dude. Damn.


I think it’s 96, but I’m not sure. Now I know it’s #96. Whatever the case, HOLY CRAP. That is so not a guy. O_O;;


  1. How depressing to know that these guys are wayy prettier than most real girls….

  2. I saw this show before I went to Japan, and when I got there it’s even more depressing to find that they’re pretty even without dressing up!

  3. #68= holy shit. @___@

    actually, I commented on you LJ too.

    but this is why Japan’s going down the drain, and Hiro the Penguin is going to take over it!!!!

  4. WOW @ 68. They look so dainty too. LOL.

  5. Oh my gosh. These guys are all prettier than me! lol
    And 68? Save for the Adam’s apple, he looks ALL woman.

  6. lol Glad you liked it. :) Boys make better girls!

  7. My Linh on

    Aww, #68 I want his look! D: I would have give him all 5!
    Hahaha, LOL! Funny. Japanese people are so crazy.

    Yeah, boys make pretty girls but girls no handsome boys.
    I wonder how they look like when they are normal?

  8. “and one not-so-pretty-one but whose enthusiasm amused me greatly compared to some of the boys’ stoic and boring personalities.”

    I don’t think they’re so much stoic and boring as the fact that since they’re dressed as women, they’re trying to act like the cultural expectation of what a modest woman is like too? (With the way they’re sitting and how placid they are.)

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