2008 Review

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Happy Me and Stoic-And-You’re-An-Absolute-Idiot Me

The last Amazon and PX stash for 2008.

These three pictures sort of represent this year in a nutshell. I was either happy or crabby/wtfidiot throughout the year. Then there were all the stuff I bought this year . . . that ranged from books to mangas to dvds to video games and junk food. XD Anyway, here’s this year’s review.

* Beat Gyakuten Saiban 3 aka Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. That chef traumatised me and the main antagonist was such a B*TCH. Worse than Voldemort, I tell you!
* Received my first credit card and PANICKED at the idea of owning a credit card, on how it works, on how to pay it off, and on how the reward system worked.
* Encountered Dreamhost’s big blooper, to which I was okay about it.
* Got Blaster the mp3 player, an RFOUR thingie for my DS, and Hass the cellphone for my birthday. Spent $300 bucks for my birthday. Ouch.
* Did my Income Tax and went through hell with it since I ended up getting two different numbers.

* The Year of the Rat! Took me twenty-two years to realise I was a rat instead of an ox.
* Namdaemun Fire. Still WTFing about that.
* After few weeks of playing, beat Cooking Mama I and II. No, I didn’t become a better cook.
* Discovered the best wine in the world: Dezzani’s Il Dolce Bianco (Sweet White Wine).
* Best friend from Guam came on a surprise visit where I went bonkers at a HOF screaming my head off at her on the cellphone, haha.
* Hung around with best friend for two weeks! Both of us discovered the gigantic Gandalf statue in Daehakro.
* Found out that I graduated cum laude! Yeah! Unfortunately my mother thought I said sweet potato in Korean which made me and my best friend laugh so hard.
* Dyed and cut my hair into a shaggy cut. Yay for vanity.

* Capriccio celebrated its third birthday with a huge special anniversary rotation.
* Beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
* Gyakuten Saiban 4 aka Apollo Justice was missent to the adjoining base that’s five minutes away from my dad’s office and took a week to make it back to my dad’s office. Then I beat the game in a week. Snarky!Phoenix is made of win.
* Booked our (my two friends and I) Tokyo trip. Hotel, plane ticket, and insurances each cost us $730.
* Finally finished arranging “Pachelbel’s Canon”, a project that took about three years.

* Arranged more piano sheet music.
* Caught up on some anime OVAs.
* Played a bunch of games this month and discovered Magical Starsign as a winner.
* 2008 Graduation Commencement Ceremony happened, which was quite boring and tearful.
* Post-commencement party occurred at a hookah bar in Hongdae, which I tried for the first time.

* Started to plan more for our Tokyo Trip!
* Watched Kyo Kara Maoh! and started on Junjou Romantica anime series.
* Met my best guy friend and Autumnflame in the same week.
* Economic Stimulus Act 2008 pissed me off since I wasn’t qualified.
* TOKYO TRIP OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. Bought a lot of goodies, fell in love with Otome Road, and came back with tonsillitis.
* Changed domain’s layout for the first time in over a year.

* Computer monitor died on me. Received a new widescreen one. Was introduced to drivers and what it does with like the monitor.
* Couldn’t stand my bifocals any longer, so I opted to get a new pair of glasses. Along with my old one, the new one became my everything else glasses while the old one became a reading glasses.
* Said goodbye to a friend and my favourite preschooler the same week.
* Had headphone issues.
* Started to play The World Ends With You and fell in love with it.
* Met up with Tina and had fun at Daehakro and my digital camera.

* Discovered Chrono Trigger was coming for the DS.
* Read and liked La Esperança, a manga series.
* Cleaned and gave away a bunch of my music CDs.
* Watched Wall·E and loved it.
* Received a pay raise.
* Went to All That Jazz in Itaewon where an awesome band performed live.
* Dad became a hero for the day by giving a ride to a random dude who needed a hospital.
* Workplace had a rice cake burning incident.

* Signed up for the annual Harry Potter fandom gift exchange.
* Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was terribly amazing.
* Realised that Borscht was a real food.
* The MIA diploma finally came to me.
* Junjou Romantica artbook became my new favourite thing.
* Went through hell trying to get Final Fantasy IV for the DS.

* Had a mini vacation over Labour Day weekend.
* Tried out Google’s Chrome.
* Applied for a new job.
* World’s financial crisis began.

* Interviewed for the job I applied in September and got it.
* Arranged my parents big 30th anniversary dinner.
* Digital permed my hair.
* Took another mini-vacation over Columbus’ Day weekend.
* Started the new job.
* Junjou Romantica second season started!
* Finished buying all the volumes for Love Mode in English.

* Bought a sexy thing: Death Note manga series, the entire box set for $17.
* Changed my LJ username.
* Discovered I had acute sinusitis by visiting the International Clinic in Itaewon.
* Finished my Harry Potter fic for the exchange, which ended up being a monster at 31,162 words/78 pages.

* Edited my first video that featured my lovely rabbit!
* Contacted SWS on something I’ve thought about for over a year.
* Met the rudest taxi driver ever.
* A 52″ LCD TV came into our living room.
* Researched up on about netbooks.
* Convinced Mum to let me have her old 32″ LCD TV. The gamer in me LOVED the graphics.
* Paid for $50 haircut/wash/deep conditioning/tip. ~_~;; At least the cut turned out nice.
* Decided Apple really sucks.
* Christmas was spent chasing around a fourteen-month old baby since our place isn’t baby-proofed.
* Visited SWS on a mission.
* Spent my last evening of 2008 at Emart looking at netbooks.


  1. Wow tons of stuff this year!!I don’t think I remember everything that happened to me xD Grats on Cum Lade!!!!!!LOL at your mom.
    I hate apple too :) but it’s very likely I’ll end up with a mac before I’d like to.

    Hope 2009 is just as fun!!
    Great deals on the manga btw…

  2. Ahem, that chef was awesome. He was so blatantly gay that I think he’s a wonderful gay icon. He’s not shy about it at all.

    I have to say your year somehow sounds so much more productive than mine… maybe I should sit down and make a list. Obama’s presidency win made it a very good year though, I don’t know if people in American realises how much their leadership affects other countries and I was sitting in front of the computer going I couldn’t vote, but please don’t let me down!

  3. It’s funny when you take time to reflect; you did so many amazing things this year!

    Happy New Year Tara!

  4. Tara!! The thoroughness of your review of the year is pretty amazing..makes me want to start writing my own diary/blog which i’ve put off way too long. The boxcar children brings back so many memories haha. And the movie can’t hardly wait is such a cult classic movie of the 90’s..lauren ambrose was the best in it. Or maybe im just biased cause she was in six feet under…one of my fav. tv series haha. And I just recently started watching the death note anime..pretty damn good. Finally, i just rented wall-e and will be watching it tonight..hope its good as all the hype it was given

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