Christmas 2008 Aftermath

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Now that I’m a lot calmer than I was yesterday (which was a mixture of heaven and hell), let’s see if I can type more than a series of conjugation. I’m just glad Christmas is over. The ambush of relatives yesterday, with a 14-month old baby, drove me nuts. I felt like I was back in my old job. *shudders* Anyway.

Here’s the good stuff I received for Christmas.

* $100 from Daddy
* 80,000 won from Mummy
* 100,000 won from Aunt
* Giant cookie and other stash
* Prom Queen and Memento DVDs
* Gift card and a bunch of cards from friends
* Four-day weekend from my workplace

Here’s the “bad stuff” I received for Christmas.

* A letter from my financial headquarters saying that I owe them $173.65 for THEIR MISTAKE of overpaying me on my first pay cheque for the new job. GRRRR.

* An iPod Touch from Daddy that refused to work with the iTunes on my computer. !@#$!@#$ That’s what I was bitching about yesterday. Let’s just say I threw the thing back in the box, threw it on my dad’s bed, and told him I don’t want it even if it does work later. Screw that. I’ll just take a netbook over that POS.


  1. Christmas always seem to be a mixture of emotions.
    I received the same thing from my Dad too!

    I’m slowly moving in. :D

  2. Aww that totally sucks that the itouch doesn’t work with your computer.

    On the bright side, that is a lot of $$$ that you got from your family. =] Don’t know how much won is in USD, but free money is always nice.

  3. Oh I was going to say ‘awesome! heaps of money!’ but then, you know, you have the fact that you have to pay money and all… that really sucks!

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