Piss Off and Die, Stupid Fruit!

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Dear Apple,

You suck. iTunes sucks. iPod Touch sucks. Everything about you SUCK.

Yes, I can sort of conjugate. The point is, YOU SUCK.

Piss off and die for all I care. Thank you for making my Christmas Day a crappy one.

No Love — TC the Apple hater.

P.S. – All you Apple supporters, don’t bother trying to convince me how wonderful their products are. It’s not going to work. I need to find me some more anti-Apple friends.

P.P.S. – I hope everyone else have a good Christmas.


  1. o_o

    What Apple product in particular got your so riled up?

  2. Merry Christmas Tara-chan!!

    I hate iTunes too but can’t say the same about my iPhone.
    Hope that everything works for you soon!

  3. Don’t worry, irrational apple hater here too! Merry Christmas!

    Just for the record, my hate for the apple is mostly because you have to download itunes to put stuff on it… at least that was my experience with the shuffle. I think that’s stupid! For a mp3 player that small you should be able to just drag and drop!

  4. Apple HAD sense years ago. Now its only a fashion trend.
    I happily bought back then iPod video 60gb when larger thumb driver was 512mb for the price of a lung…..and yea, used as external HDD.
    Had sense when designers used only macs and their files were incompatible with windows machines. And yeah, photoshop was actually better back then on macs.

    Now? There is ZERO differences, and imo PCs >>> Macs. Better compatibility, reliablity and XP is basically the best os ever. screw you windows haters!

    And, belated merry xmas <3

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