The Gamer Inside of Me Is Squealing

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I mentioned how my mother received a new TV and how I’ve been cleaning my room. Combine that into one thing: clean up my TV/VCR/DVD/Game Consoles area to make way for my mother’s old tv.

I am now the proud owner of this 32″ LCD TV, to which I name Pita for being a pain in the arse with the hooking up process:

I spent the next hour or so hooking up my devices back to the TV. Dad and I hooked up the DVD player at first. Nothing would work until I said that perhaps we should try hooking the TV itself to the switchbox. That worked. Then by myself, I hooked up the VCR, thought the VCR died because when I tested it with a VHS, the VCR wouldn’t eject the tape. Luckily Daddy fixed that. Then after I decided to just put my Gamecube away, I hooked up my PlayStation 2, turned it on to test the new TV out with Suikoden Tactics.

HOMG. When I tested a DVD movie and a VHS movie, I wasn’t impressed or anything, but when I tested the video game . . . Let’s just say I had the biggest smile on my face and it’s a good thing I lost my voice for that moment since I would have screamed so loudly, my whole neighbourhood would have heard me. Just, bloody fucking WOW. Now I can see why people like these TVs, especially gamers.


  1. :D Congrats! I need to get my arse on a gaming TV as well… my big hulking beast of a tube-tv is not ps3-friendly…

  2. Those PITA’s are just so annoying ne? lol

    I like to charge certain clients of mine a PIA aka PITA charge. LOL jk, sorta xD

    Wow, you still have a VCR? After our better one broke we decided to never buy another one.

    That’s a lot of things to hook up, no wonder you had so many problems. X_X

  3. Woohoo! Congrats!

    T__T My parents make me play my video games on the old TV only…

  4. Congrats on the new TV.
    I got a new TV a few months ago, and I hated setting it up. Every time I had one thing right something else was plugged in wrong.

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