A Year Passed

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I just spent the last two and a half hours doing my annual bedroom/computer room cleaning. I ended up with a large garbage bag of trash and three smaller bags of VHS tapes that needs to leave this place. While cleaning, I stumbled upon some of my old textbooks that I couldn’t sell, and that’s when I realised something.

Exactly a year had passed since I’ve stopped being an undergrad student. I look back at this entire year and look at the ups and downs of being a student. I miss taking classes and learning, yet I don’t miss the papers, projects, and exams. I miss the lectures, but I don’t miss the idiots that were most of my classmates. I miss the feeling of receiving an “A” on a paper I bullshitted through, yet I don’t miss the stress and exhaustion from the process! I miss the knowledge I would gain from my classes, but I don’t miss reading the textbooks nor its expensive price tag. I miss some of my study sessions with friends, yet I don’t miss the evil combination of school and work.

I look at my future and think, Oh, hell noes! I have to go through this all over again times one hundred if I ever decide on graduate school. After enjoying a year without schooling, I honestly do not know if I’d want to give that “freedom” up. However, let me figure out what I want to obtain my masters in. After a year, I still have no idea on what I want to pursue!


  1. I feel the same way. I’ve been thinking about going back for grad school, but I don’t know if I really want to deal with school again. I definitely miss the social life of college, but I don’t miss all of the work and tests.

  2. Oh great, I plan to get a phD in the future, but then again…XD

  3. It’s tiring and sometimes painful but the reward at the end is always something you can’t describe :)

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