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Trample that Taxi Driver!
I met the rudest taxi driver in the world today. I went to the PX, spent way too much time in there which hurt my feet, bought couple of heavy presents, and was tired, so I didn’t want to walk the twenty minutes home. I got in a cab, and here’s a recap of what happened in the next ten or so minutes. Oh and it’s a Korean driver, so he didn’t necessarily said this the way it’s typed, but that’s how I translated it in my head.

TC: I want to go to ****.
TX: Where? Oh ****? Man, that’s so close! You could have walked! I should have just driven on by instead of stopping for you!
TC: *scowls and doesn’t say anything*
TX: Are you a student?
TC: No.
TX: Do you know if those AAFES workers aren’t allowed to ride in these on-base cabs?
TC: I don’t know. *thinks — Are you assuming I’m an AAFES worker, now?*
TX: Man, you really should have walked and come out **** to get to your place.
TC: *glowers in anger*
TX: Are you Korean?
TC: No, I’m not Korean.
TX: I think you are Korean. Is you parents Korean?
TC: My dad’s a Caucasian.
TX: You are Korean, though.
TC: *scowls in the darkness, remains silent, and digs out her change to give him the exact amount instead of letting him keep the change since she was PISSED OFF by the service so far*
TX: *stops in front of the apartment*
TC: How much? *can’t see the metre since the damn gear stick or whatever is blocking it*
TX: 2800 won.
TC: *didn’t hear him and saw the 2800 as 2500* Gives him change.
TX: No! Just give me 3000 won.
TC: *sees the metre at 2900 and gives him the rest of the change*
TX: *grumbles* You should have just given me 3000! See, now it’s 3100 won!
TC: *realises the fucking moron hasn’t stopped the metre, climbs out, and slams the door hard*

WTF. What a rude mofo of a douche bag! I tried to catch the taxi’s number, so I could file a complaint, but it was too dark. DAMN. I hope I don’t encounter him again! From now on, I will claim at not knowing Korean (unless it’s this one awesome driver I like) and only speak English to these stupid taxi drivers on base. GODDAMN.

Giant TV Greetings
I walk into my house right after that incident, sees the living room arranged differently, and remember my mum telling me something about Dad getting her a new TV. Unbelievable. After getting one of those nice HDTV almost three years ago, my mum has this MONSTER now. Uh, wow. Jeez. Who knows. Maybe Dad will let me have her old one if he doesn’t wants it! If that’s the case, I better try to figure out how to make room for that smaller monster.

Acer Me!
Ivy blogged about how she wanted an iPhone or an Asus EEE PC. Until that post, I had no idea that such a thing like Netbook existed. Yes, I’m a bit behind at times. The point is though, I read up a bit on Asus, and I was intrigued. Yesterday, I met my friend J, and she and I talked about getting it. I decided to show my dad this EEE PC. However, he decided it wasn’t that great, so he asked me what I think of this Acer Aspire One Netbook, instead. After I read about it, consulted J, and etcetera, I think I’ll for it.

My dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said I wanted an 88-keys keyboard. However, now I think I’ll ask him to get this instead. I need something like this to not go insane at my work. That place is one place I cannot access Gmail. So when I’m on my lunch break or something, I can take the Netbook with me to the nearest hotspot and check it there instead of agonising and cursing the damn cyber-sitter programme at the computer lab.

But oi. What a weird day.


  1. Do not get EEPC! It sucks! I’d suggest to buy an Acer Aspire One instead, still a netbook, i bought it last week and works like a charm ;3 Gonna post about it soonish!
    Can run photoshop, dreamweaver, msn and even FFXI with no probs! And 160gb HDD :D

  2. Welcome to the world of netbooks, micro pcs, whatever u wanna call it. Hahaha.

    Well there are so many choices of netbooks these days – not just ASUS and Acer. There’s the HP Mini, the MSI Wind, the Fujitsu M1010, and a whole lot more coming out next year. I like the ASUS EEE PC because of the new Go! release. It allows you to insert a SIM card and use it as broadband mobile along with 3G capabilities. They have also partnered with a local telco. If I sign up for a mobile broadband plan with the telco, I get the ASUS at a heavily discounted price. It’ll essentially cost less than a phone.

    Choosing a netbook will depend on what you need the netbook for actually. If you’re going to use it as a cheap alternative to a notebook, I suggest you invest in a higher-end netbook like the HP Mini or the MSI Wind that has the same specs as a notebook. But if you’re like me, who already has a high-end notebook at home and is looking for a cheap, micro PC with excellent battery life to lug around everywhere I go, like a phone, then the low-end ASUS is far superior.

    There are rumors of Apple developing a netbook of some sort. And with the Google Android coming up on my phones with a full keyboards, I might just wait it out a little more. All I want is a portable gadget with a full keyboard, great connectivity and long battery life so I can blog wherever I go. My phone currently does that but looking at WordPress in a tiny 2″ screen just isn’t very conducive for blogging.

  3. Right now I would love nothing more than a giant iMac desktop AND a MacBook laptop. Macs are my favourites for anything design related and right I’m puttering away on my iBook G4 (going on four years old, the poor thing). It’s still a decent computer but has 40GB of harddrive space which KILLS you when you’re trying to do anything on Photoshop (or have REALLY BIG manuscript files). The resolution doesn’t go any higher than 1024×768 either which is fine, but I would like a computer with a higher resolution capacity. Again, for design purposes, mind you.

    I would like one, but I’m not sure if my parents would get me one for Christmas. :(

    …I knew there was a reason I never took taxicabs anywhere. Even in New York.

  4. I hate taxi cap drivers. Mine wasn’t super rude to us, but I found him to be very offensive and scary. He would make fun of the people standing on the street by taunting them. It made me nervous because what if those people decided to get even and pull our a gun or something? Gawd. -_-

    Wow.. the technology. It’s hard to keep up. X_X

  5. Hi Tara!
    Thao referred me to you, saying that you were interested in hosting me?

    Gah, that taxi driver is horrible. I used the taxi a lot when I was in VN and during the rides my eyes were fixed on the metre. They are very tricky over there and like your driver, they won’t drive if the destination is close. They’ll drive you if you promise to pay them a bit extra.

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