Grumpy Video

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I decided to use the digicam to record my lovely rabbit eating carrots. Then I discovered Windows Movie Maker and had fun with that. Here’s the finished results!

That was fun. I hope I don’t become addicted to making movies now. O_O;;


  1. Wow, what a feisty rabbit.

  2. Awww… he’s so cute!

  3. OMGG I WANT A RABBIT NOW D: are they hard to keep? do I need a lot of space… I was thinking about getting one a while back but hesitated because I have a dog… Yours is so cute and furry, what kind is it?

  4. Yummy Yummy Carrot XD

  5. Oh my gosh you make me miss my childhood bunny so much!!! So cute!

  6. That’s so adorable! And the music makes it even cuter!

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