The World’s Horrible Gift Wrapper

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Wrap, wrap, wrap the presents
until I drop dead.

Cut, cut, cut
Tape, tape, tape
Wrap, wrap, wrap
Label them

I am bad at this!
(Kudos to anyone who knows which tune I wrote this to. Though, it’s really obvious. ^_^)

That would be me. Seriously. I don’t know how anybody can gift wrap prettily. That sort of thing is a talent, man. I just spent the last hour wrapping Christmas gifts, and dude, I don’t care if it looks fugly. I TRIED. Ugh.

I hit the store again after work tonight. I spent over $250 bucks in two days. OUCH. $200 of it was spent on gifts. I am proud to say that I am done with all the major Christmas shopping. Everyone else that doesn’t get a gift from me will be getting candies instead. That is if I can find the time and the energy to go buy a bunch of candies and make the candy grams. *dies*

For once, I want December to be over. This is one thing about having a steady job and living with parents. I can’t use the “I have no money” or “I’m a poor college student” excuse like I did the last four Christmases. Now I have the cash to purchase or make gifts, so ta-dah. Still, how the hell can $200 bucks fly out that quickly?! *sighs* Thank goodness for credit card.


  1. Ugh, I know. One of my online orders for gifts was already $300, and I still had to buy more stuff after that. So much money spent! I actually really like wrapping gifts for some reason. I’m one of those that like to make it pretty, except I got lazy this year and didn’t buy ribbon XD;;

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