The Season of Spending Money

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‘Tis the season to spend money, falalalalalalalala.
Time to whip that plastic out, falalalalalalalala.
Shopping is a pain in the arse, falalalalalalalala.
This is one materialistic season, falalalalalalalala.

Ahem. Don’t mind me. It’s the Scrooge part of me talking.

Anyway, I finished the holiday cards and sent them off, all 31 of them in four hours. I’m 70% done with shopping for the few friends I have here. The only thing left to do is to shop for four more friends . . . and well my parents.

Is it me or is it more difficult to shop for parents than it is for friends?! My parents are bloody difficult to shop for. It doesn’t help that my dad doesn’t want a new wallet or has hobbies I know nothing about (baseball cards -_-;;). And it really doesn’t help when the last time I asked my mum what she wanted (we’re talking about ten years ago), she told me that she wanted a diamond.

. . . Like hell I’m getting a diamond. The most I can afford is coal, thank you very much!

Bah. Maybe it’s just me, but seriously, my parents are one hard people to obtain present for! Don’t get me started on the horde of relatives, like twenty-some people, I have to think about buying presents for. For them, I may as well just make candy grams. Will save me a chunk of money in the long run.


  1. I love that little tune you made up. Pretty clever. Anyway, 31 christmas cards? Jeez, that’s a lot. I got all my christmas shopping done. I just have to wrap a couple of them and I’ll be done. I haven’t even bought christmas cards yet. I probably won’t but only for the family. Last year I gave all the staff members treats and christmas stockings but only got one thing in return. Nothing else. But that’s ok. Tis the season for giving not receiving right? Or do I have it backwards?

  2. Wow, 31 cards XD;; I have never done that many before. I’d probably give up around #10 or something, lol.

    I feel your pain! My parents are hard to shop for too =( My dad always wants something way expensive, and my mom doesn’t really have anything she wants. I got lucky by buying her a DS, so I can buy her games now at least. In the past, I’ve bought them symphony tickets. Another idea is maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant they like. This year, I’m getting my dad an iPod, heh.

  3. Yesh… so true. I’m going to be very poor after this Christmas. I already spent over 200 bucks for my sister and I still need to buy nice gifts for my mother and grandparents. X_X

    I heard another way of that song that made me laugh…

    He started to sign about his best friend mister Visa Card and then was like 4567 9834 and so on for all the falalalal It was making me laugh, but maybe I was in a giggly mood. XD

    Crap, Holiday cards… Yeah, I need to finish a lot of my shopping and get all of them sent out this week. *falls over*

    Is it Christmas yet? lol

  4. I find it hard to choose things for my parents too. Adults usually have what they want, as if they want something they will probably buy it themselves. My mum did write a list, and my dad wants clothes for some reason, so hopefully I will find them each something. Good luck on finding yours something.

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