It’s December!

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Already?! Damn, time flies. Been busy with many personal projects. Still have more on my to-do list. Here’s couple blogworthy news:

* Capriccio has been updated with holiday songs. Go see what I offer to get into the holiday spirit.

* Thao is now hosted here. :) Welcome!

* This is not news. This is a daily occurrence: I got too much crap to do, but I waste my time with wikis and sites like these.

Question of the Day: When I was in uni, I had the time but no money to go to concerts and other artsy stuff that interested me. Now, I have the bloody money, but no time to go to concerts and other artsy stuff. WHY IS LIFE NOT FAIR!?

Actually, don’t answer that. I’m just ranting a bit.

Next item on agenda list to conquer: HOLIDAY CARDS.


  1. I can’t believe it’s December already!!! Almost 2009!!!! Ah…new years resolutions…I have a ton….

  2. ahh! i can’t believe it’s december either :( a year gone by so fast… good luck with the xmas cards!

  3. I’m actually opposite! In college, I didn’t have time to see concerts and such, but now I do, probably because I’m willing to leave work early for them XD;; Aahh… December, I can’t wait for my vacation time.

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