Wall·E DVD

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Four months ago, I wrote a letter to Pixar as a blog entry praising them for their movie, Wall·E.

Today, I saw the DVD on sale. Naturally, I bought it. XD


And that rhymed. MUHAHAHAHA.


  1. I have yet to see that movie actually. XD

  2. Yay :3 I liked that movie.

  3. Maan. I TRIED to get my friends to come with me and see that movie, but every single person refused because they said it looked dumb/childish/overall bad! WHAT??!!! And I never got to see it!! Argh!

  4. I still have to see Wall-E… I don’t know how a movie about a robot is interesting but I guess I’ll see. =P

  5. I must remember to add WALL-E to my Christmas list. I wanted to see it, but ended up seeing Mama Mia. I love Pixar movies.

  6. Ahhhhhh I love wall-e!! I thought it was so adorable. Must add wall-e to my christmas list.

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