WTF? It’s Cold!

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Seriously X_____X;;

Sunday night was nice and cool. Then it just all of sudden turned to freezing January weather starting yesterday. O_O;; Talk about a cold spell gone wrong.

I had to dig out my Slytherin scarf. It’s that bloody freezing!

ETA: It’s -4C (25F). That would explain the coldness.


  1. Wah, that’s pretty cold XD;; I already thought it was getting kind of chilly here, but it doesn’t compare to that, haha.

  2. Sounds like where I live ;__;

  3. I’m rather suspicious of the weather here in vancouver, because it is sunny and chilly these past few days… ths weather should be rainiy and drepressing! mother nature is probably playing a trick and the weather will get really bad soon :S extra layers! ear muffs! warm hat!! protect yourself from the cold P:

  4. Yeah weather has been extremely weird lately here also. Last week – super cold. This week is like so warm and sunny.

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