New Sleeping Schedule Rocks

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Despite the following facts:

  • my hours are less than my previous job
  • the cyber-sitter programme on the computers blocks,,,, and even my own internet banking site
  • the middle schoolers are drastically different from preschoolers
  • they didn’t exactly train and give me an orientation . . . yet
  • the job’s kind of boring

. . . I can say that I don’t feel tired like I was at my old job. On most days, I can sleep at my usual 1am and wake up around 9am or 10am as oppose to 6am.

I like this sleeping schedule a lot. However, it would be infinitely better if I didn’t have a mother who constantly NAGS me to SLEEP “early”. And to top off the irony, she sleeps just as late as I do! She actually thinks I am mentally ill to not sleep a “regular” schedule like everyone else. Well, if I didn’t have to go to work until 1-2pm each day, then what? You expect me to still wake up at 6? Nu-uh. That ain’t happening, mi madre. Nein, it will not happen.


  1. Your sleeping schedule sounds awesome. So jealous…

  2. Ugh, my mom nags me about sleeping late too, but it’s a habit I’ve had for so long, that I don’t really see the need to break it. It works for me. But yes, waking up at 9-10AM is wwaayyyy better than 6AM XD

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