Obama and Biden FTW!

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I was apathetic about the whole election, mostly because of the fact that I couldn’t vote and that Obama really wasn’t my choice (I wanted Hilary Clinton), but I figure Obama/Biden is better than McCain/Palin combo. However, once the voting process started, I tried to keep up with the counts and whatnot, and I was caught up in the celebratory happiness when the verdict came in.

I listened to part of McCain’s concession speech, and I thought it was delivered in a very mature manner, minus the booing from the audience (sore losers!).

I was in TEARS when I listened to Obama’s acceptance speech, though. It was moving, and it actually made me feel proud and happy to be an American for the first time in my life. That part about the 106 years old woman . . . just wow. And seeing Reverend Jesse Jackson on screen in tears nearly broke my heart.

Maybe there is hope for America after all.



  1. I was so happy when Obama won too! I actually cried! McCain’s speech was very touching too.. I cried then too. I think I’m just an emotional wreck. AHAH.

  2. he is SUCH a good speaker! yay! *throws confetti*

  3. Ah- almost my thoughts completely XD

    other than the fact that I didn’t watch Obama. :X

    I’m SO glad we don’t have another republican reign. x_X

    Though this 2/3-democratic government isn’t going to be very good. :(

    anyways- I’m glad we don’t all have to move to canada. :D

  4. I think McCain bowed out with lots of grace and I was very proud of him for doing that. I felt sad for him though because he looked so sad like he had just been kicked in the face.

    I wasn’t a voter for Obama (liked Hillary more), and I wasn’t really that big on McCain either. The people I wanted to vote for got out too soon! Wah!

    I just hope things go okay for America. I agree with Hiro that the 2/3 democratic government isn’t going to be very good. That is one important thing about America, is it’s checks and balances and if we are to far to one side we won’t have other views and opinions to help keep us from doing something really dumb.

    I’m saying this about both the republican and democrats… we really need it to be more half and half.

    but really, no president is going to be perfect and not everyone is going to agree and like him… republican or democrat.

    That is why I just pray American stays strong no matter what is thrown our way.

  5. You should be able to get an absentee ballot for future reference. Yay, Obama! I didn’t hear his acceptance speech but I read the transcript and was appropriately moved by it. There is hope for us yet!

  6. Kristina on

    God damn, I agree.

  7. Yeah, my family was originally a Hillary supporter, but since she lost, we went with Obama.

    Election night was so fun and exciting. I was really pleased with the national results and moved by both McCain’s and Obama’s speech that night.

    As for state election, I’m really disappointed by our voters. Prop 8 (a proposition to ban gay marriage) passed with 55% yes. I felt really sad for all of the gay couples in our state because just recently this summer, they got their right to marry due to the California supreme court ruling, but only to have their rights taken away shortly after.

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