Death Note Manga Boxset

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I am the proud owner of this sexy thing. With a $50 gift certificate, I was able to get it for $16.99, including shipping. ^______^

My daddy cracked me up after I showed him my latest purchase. The following conversation occurred:

Me: *shows him the set*
D: Wow.
Me: *tells him about the bargain*
D: What exactly is it? Is it more of that gay boy stuff?
Me: *mentally facepalms* No. It’s actually suspense, horror, thriller kind of mangas.
D: Ah, now you need another long weekend to read it all, right?
Me: That would be lovely, but it won’t happen.

Like I said, Daddy cracks me up.


  1. Yay! It arrived! So pretty! (So jealous!) :D Enjoy the series! It’s fantastic!

  2. *MAJOR ENVY* That’s so cool!!! Waah you’re so lucky! It looks gorgeous!

  3. hahhaha gay boy stuff… and i didn’t know you could mentally facepalm, i totally imagined that in my head when I read it :P

  4. Haha…my dad doesn’t even know that I read manga. He would probably tell me to stop wasting my time.

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