10-2008 Digi Cam Spam

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Here are more craptacular photographs from TC. X__X;; I really need to invest in a camera that has the anti-shake function. Either that or invest in a really awesome collapsible tripod. I hate it how on the screen it looks fine, but when I upload it onto the computer, it’s not clear! GROWL. I HATE MY SHAKY HANDS. Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures that weren’t deemed worthy enough to have their own blog entries. XD Actually, some are probably worth a blog entry or two, but either they are or will be written at Ningin and GirlyBubble, or I am just pure lazy.

This spider was found at my former workplace. Talk about a huge spider. It had laid its egg and was on its way to its deathbed. Unfortunately, couple of preschoolers poked it. X____X;; While I am not a fan of spider . . . I love Charlotte’s Web too much to be not affected by the egg sac’s doom. Luckily, the other spider’s egg sac is on the building’s roof, out of the reach from the children . . . unless some pest infestation crew comes and get rid of it.

Here’s the blog entry for these delicious looking waffles. Seriously, The Waffle Factory in Itaewon 2-dong is awesome. Their French toast, I discovered, is even better than the waffles. Yummy. Also, that fork really is a big fork. That thing is seriously a weapon.

I have only been introduced to Indian food just this past spring. I discovered that the food at Taj Palace in Itaewon is just awesome. The sweet lassi is a great yoghurt drink — there’s also a salty version . . . I think I’ll pass on that. Naans come with the buffet, and it comes in two type: the plain one and the garlic butter one. I LOVE THE GARLIC BUTTER NAANS! Also, when I went to the buffet table, this is what I got: (from top left corner going clockwise) Kadhai noodles, Rogan Joush, butter chicken, and vegetable curry with saffron rice. YUM. Anyway, they do the buffet every Saturday and Sunday, and it’s 16,500 won for all you can eat. So delish!

I am planning on writing a blog entry for Ningin on my way of making ramen. XD These are the pictures that will be used for the entry. Great. Now I want some Shin ramen!

These are what I affectionately call the “Melamine Peanuts”. Now, these peanuts are not made of melamine, but rather the plastic container itself was made in China, made with melamine. X_X;; It’s funny, though, because my friend and I were at this place called “The Library” in my neighbourhood. We ordered some drinks, and these nuts came with it. At that time, we were still in that HOMG MELAMINE! crazed, so we checked our drinks and whatnot, but when we discovered the container was made of melamine, we just burst out laughing at the irony of it all. Luckily, the peanuts itself aren’t made of melamine . . . I hope!

I am planning on writing an entry for GirlyBubble with these bag pictures. XD I just bought a new bag at the thrift store on base, the blue Mudd one, for $8. Yay for cheap stuff, and yay for it being an awesome bag. The second to the last picture shows the bottom of the said bag, and the last pictures shows the interesting wallet set up on the back of the bag. XD I wanted a new bag to replace the other blue one since it was just too darn small to carry some of the essential stuff I needed to carry X_X;; And the beige Snoopy bag is a great bag, but sometimes too big to carry to places! Now I have the best of all three bags! Woot!

That pile of boxes came from my room. It was a lot of boxes; some of the boxes were crammed inside the bigger ones X_X;; So I imagine I threw out about 10-15 boxes out. Oi. I need to learn to throw stuff away better.

And yes that “PEDESTIAN” sign is made of big FAIL. It was on base, and I happen to saw it yesterday. I literally stopped and stared at the sign for a minute, pondering on whether there really was such a word as pedestian. X___X;;

Now here’s a picture of my permed hair after about a week or so it settled down. Yes, it’s vastly different from the first image. X_X;; Honestly, I have no clue how I am styling it to make it like that. It is pretty, though.

And there’s a photo of me not smiling, smiling, and smiling with a peace sign. Woot. I take horrible pictures. X_X;;


  1. Hey! Your perm turned out really nice!

    Anti-shake function doesn’t help that much..or at least not for me. I just have to exhale and hope for the best.

    I’ve only been introduced to Indian food within the few recent years, but I haven’t had it very often. However, a family friend has a cousin who owns an Indian food restaurant in the college town that I live in and he said he’ll treat me to some food later…just don’t know when…if ever…

  2. Hey yeah! I’m back! How long have I been gone? haha. Still hard to get back into the usual blogging.

    Photography’s fun, I’m trying to do it more. Bought a Digital SLR almost 2 years ago, it hasn’t gotten the amount of use it should have.

  3. Man, so many pictures of food, and it all looks good too =O I’m not a big fan of Indian food, but I do love Naan! That’s also a cute bag, and it looks like a really nice size. I love messenger bags, but I agree they can be kind of big if you’re not using them to hold a laptop or something similar.

    Sometimes my hand is shaky too, so I end up using a 2 second self timer. Then I don’t need to worry about keeping my hand steady while pushing the button XD;; It gives a little delay to get yourself ready.

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