Revisiting Love Mode

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The Beginning: Sakura Crisis’ Scanslations
2004 was when I had started to get into mangas — especially the shounen-ai/yaoi ones. I remember surfing Sakura Crisis’ website where they already had several scans up, and one of them happened to be Love Mode. At first, though, the art style had turned me off, but the more I read their opinions on the manga, where they said it was a series where it made you laugh, smile, cry, and etcetera, I decided to give it a try. From there, I read all that they had scanslated at that time, about up to volume 7. I was hooked — the world Shimizu-sensei had created was beautiful with its endearing characters, well-told plot, and Aoe Reiji, who just happens to be my all-time favourite fictional dream man. Never mind that he was gay (actually, bi), just let me have my dreams and fantasies.

Toonk Adventure
However, reading up to volume 7 was not enough for me. I needed to know more, wanted to continue to the last book, volume 11. It was then I was talking to two of my friends who told me about how they buy books at this one place in Dongdaemun and Toonk one of the many manga/manhwa chaek stores in Hongdae area. After failing miserably with Dongadaemu, another friend and I decided to give Toonk a try, and it was easier to find! There, I bought the last four volumes in Korean, which ended up getting lost when we were walking from Toonk to Idae . . . so we had to go back and buy them again. What happened there was my friend was carrying it, and while walking, this bitch crashed into the bag, the bag ripped, and the books fell out without us realising it. X_X;;

Anyway, I read the last four volumes in front of the computer — the English translations on the screen with the book in my hand. The series came to a conclusion for me in that way, and later I went and bought the rest of the series from Toonk again, which cost only $35 bucks. Yes, it was cheap, but I discovered that Korean licensed mangas are all censored even though it’s already labelled “19+”. That was a horrifying revelations.

The Journey’s End: Blu’s Version
To continue on with the story, Blu ended up licensing the series, and I was at first hesitant to buy the series in English, even if it would have been better and all. I finally caved in to start buying the Blu version in February 2007. In the next year and a half, I slowly got the rest of the series. However, this summer, Blu had an announcement that they might not finish up the last two volumes of Love Mode. That news horrified me and a bunch of other series’ fans. Luckily, though, Blu decided to go on and finish the series. The last volume finally made its appearance couple weeks ago, and I finally received it and read it all last night. Reading the English version gave me a real sense of closure. Now if Junjou Romantica ever comes to a conclusion, I think my life would be set. That is until another series or something comes into my life that possesses me.

Seriously, though, a closure like this is always nice. Now I can go through a non-stop marathon! WOOT!


  1. I feel like I haven’t touch a manga in forever. School started and I’ve gotten so busy that I can’t even watch my favorite TV shows anymore. T__T

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