Lessons Learned in the Last Year

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Job-wise, what did I learn? Truth be told, I honestly wasn’t looking forward to being a child care provider. The idea of working with children under the age of six simply frightened me. I dreaded working there, but due to situations that were out of my control, I had to turn to this job as a temporary fixture at that time. Only thing is that I didn’t envision working and surviving here for over eleven months. Anyway, read on and see exactly what I have learned while doing this job. Have fun figuring out which ones are serious and which ones are the snarkier comments.

– Children are very huggable when they are being sweet and cute.
– Never give children gloves. Stick with mittens.
– Hand-washing for 300 times in one day is not going to guarantee good health.
– Wearing a smock doesn’t protect clothes from paint, bleach, drools, and other nameless fluids.
– Foods that are cooked for the masses will always taste like crap. (ie: cafeteria food)
– Applying suntan actually helps when it is required to go outside for 80 minutes each days for outdoor play in the summer.
– Infants cry loudly, toddlers babble loudly, and preschoolers talk loudly. Remember this and consider investing in some earplugs.
– Be prepared to have the ABC Song and other nursery rhymes tunes heard and sung every day from Monday to Friday.
– Expect a lot of pot lucks along with chicken wings and pizza luncheons/dinners — especially when someone is leaving amongst the staff.
– The once a month Thursday staff meetings are a necessary evil. This is one instance where free food is given, though.
– Expect the snack in the staff lounge’s vending machines to get stuck on the way down. Especially when TC is at the vending machine, X_x;;
– Chocolates are a must to have for this job. It provides the endorphins that will bring happiness and energy from the sugar rush.
– Having a car is helpful for this job — especially when the job site is practically far away from everything else.
– Having a lot of the every day materials is a cheap way to do art projects. (ie: cotton balls and paper plates!)
– Watch out for the buggies out in the hallways. They are red for a reason: means danger. XD

The more serious reasoning are in my head. I just choose not to divulge that information because it’s a lot easier to be sarcastic instead of being the deadpan information deliverer. In other words, I did enjoy my time here. Of course there were some days where I wanted to strangle everybody I ran into there, but I am glad for the learning experience. Working there has shaped me to be a better person as whole (I hope), and I will miss the children who I can’t help but play favouritisms with!

Oh well. Time to look ahead into the future with the new job. I hope thing goes well tomorrow!


  1. Hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever worked with kids that young before. The kids that I mentored were about 3rd-6th grade and even then, it was really overwhelming for me and I only did it one day a week!

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

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