Sunday to Wednesday

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This long weekend was very relaxing and wonderful . . . minus the coughing and blowing my nose part. I’m still a mucus mess. Gag. Monday was a holiday, and I took leave Tuesday and Wednesday to have a nice long weekend off!

I was supposed to meet David and go eat Indian food. However, I suffered from an overnight attack of flu soreness and fever. I didn’t sleep until it was past four in the morning, and that was only after NyQuil had entered my system. When I woke up at noon, I knew I was going to be wonky, so I cancelled the meeting, went back to sleep until three in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent in front of the computer and playing Princess Debut on Ubi the DS and beating one ending of it.

Again, I stayed home and this time I played Time Hollow. HOMG. Best plot in an adventure game after Gyakuten Saiban series. Too bad it’s too bloody short. X_X;; But graaaagh! Time travelling stories always intrigues me and always makes my mind explode. The plot: excellent. Graphics: decent. Music: nice but limited selection. Characters: <3333 Derek. Gameplay: Eh, had some issues, and the Hollow Pen wasn’t used enough. Replayability: None. X_X;; But the plot alone just makes me squee.

Met AJ briefly for coffee and lunch. Then came back home and just did random computer stuff. Oh and blogged a lot for Ningin and also for Girlybubble.

Today I . . . stayed home again. Dun dun dun. I lead a very boring life. Then again, being sick and having crappy immune system doesn’t really help me much to go out and have fun. XD Neither is the fact that you’re on a mini-holiday while everyone else is working or going to school. Oi. Oh well. At least I rested and got a lot of stuff done.

I work only half a day tomorrow, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Four and a half more days at my current job and then I switch over to my new one. Oh vey. X_X;; Oh well. Two more days, and it’s the weekend again. YAY!


  1. eewww it sucks to be sick X_X I hope your feeling much betters now.

    Yay for weekends! I’m ready for mine… I will be free in one hr and 15 minutes… Starts to count down. XD

  2. Yay for the weekends. Can’t live without it…

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