Emart, Anniversary, and Perm! Oh My!

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First off, the won rate is horrendously wonderful for us Americans. However, that’s not a good thing for Korean people. I exchanged money the other day, and it was 1370 won to $1. I nearly pissed and shit myself when I heard the rate. Anyway, so I exchanged some moola because this was going to be one moola-spending five-day weekend. Saturday, the first day of the said long weekend, proved to be a very busy one. I can’t recall the last time I had a day this busy . . . well let’s recap the day along with some pictures!

Yongsan Electronic Market Adventure
I met up with Stella to go to Emart. My original intention was to get a camera case for my Dad’s camera. Along with that, I wanted to get two new earphones, look at some cases to start my custom-building computer escapade, and other stuff that strikes my fancy. Well, I indeed found a hard case for the camera for 10,000 won, two headphones for 10,000 won each, and a generic spare battery for my camera at 15,000 won.

I also found some potential cases for my future computer, and a wonderful thing called USB 2.0 hub. I wished I had discovered that thing EARLIER, like five years earlier. That will be a much needed accessory for my new computer soon. Here are the pictures of the camera case: one without the strap and one with the strap attached.

Parents’ 30th Anniversary
That’s what happened to fall on Saturday. I decided to reserve them at Sables, a restaurant in Dragon Hill Lodge, give them a $100 restaurant gift certificate, arrange a pretty bouquet of flowers to be on their table with a card (with a balloon as an additional bonus!), and pay the waiter the tip. They promised to serve them real well and even give them a free “anniversary” cake.

The point of all this was for my parents to not pay anything there. X_X;; Well that didn’t quite work out. Their total went over the gift certificate’s amount, and they tipped the waiter(s) again. I was a bit !@#$!@#$ about it, but oh well! They told me they enjoyed it and the service was excellent. Considering how they were paid in $40 tip, they better have been! Regardless, the pictures below are the flowers and balloon I got them.

Digital Perm: The Most Uncomfortable Experience Ever
I’ve been thinking about getting a perm for the last year or two. I’ve had perms before, but they were all the regular perm. This is the first time I’ve tried a digital one, and the only reason I did it was because this method gives me the kind of perm I wanted — or so the hair stylist says. So I decided to fork over 80,000 won to do this at a salon in my neighbourhood.

I am very happy with the results. However, I felt like a freak of nature, the Bride of Frankenstein, and Medusa. It was really uncomfortable being attached to it since I couldn’t move my head at all for the fear of tugging the connectors away from my hair and ruining the curls. I also felt like Little Orphan Annie when they unrolled it the first time, and I thought it was over. Thank goodness that WAS not the end results. Otherwise I’d have freaked out. So I spent three hours in a hair salon today. I hope to not step into one again for a long time. The pictures below are self-explanatory.

Here Rajita! These are for You!
Rajita wanted to see a picture of me smiling. Here’s one that has me actually smiling and one that just had me in “normal” mode. These were taken one night this week before I hit the shower. My hair had been in a ponytail all day, so hence the weird look to it.



  1. Aw… what you did for your parents’ anniversary is so sweet and nice! The flowers are beautiful!

    I’ve never gotten a perm before, so I have no idea what it means to get a digital perm, lol. It looks good though! And your hair is so long =O I think my hair is about the same length, and I’m about ready to just chop it all off XD;;

  2. Aww that was so thoughtful of you to do all of that for your parent’s anniversary. The flowers look beautiful. Hmm…I’ve never had a perm before…but my sister had one before but that didn’t last too long.

  3. the other perm you have is nicer. That’s very sweet of you giving your parents a lovely anniversary gift. You’re cute when you smile, you have a cute dimple.

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