The Benedict Arnold Syndrome

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Everyone, meet the reincarnation of Benedict Arnold. Me, myself, and I.

At 11:45am today, I checked my e-mail and ended up having the biggest, goofiest, and happiest smile on my face. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to scream like the bloody idiot I’ve been known to be. See, I was checking my e-mail in a high school classroom, and class was in session. The most I did was just clap and squeal to myself.

On Monday, I posted on my Twitter that I had a job interview planned. It’s a job within the same organisation I’m working for currently, but for a different age group and an entirely different job. Basically, it’s a “Technology Lab Programme Associate”. In other words, it’s to help oversee the youth and teenagers after school programme computer labs, but it sounds like it’s mostly for the middle school and high school students. My dad cracked me up by calling it the American Youth PC Bang. I guess he’s right!

Anyway, at the interview, I think it went fairly well. I mean, I tried my best, which is all that it matters. To conclude the interview, they told me that they were going to make the selection that day and that if I was selected, I’d be notified in a week or two from the “job agency” of some sorts. Needless to say, I was NOT expecting the notification today, much less through e-mail when I was expecting a phone call.

Needless to say, I was selected for the job. When I went back to my workplace, one of the management staff looked at me, saw the wide grin on my face, and asked, “Did you get it?” Next thing I know the staff let out a long stream of congratulatory wishes loudly and was hugging me. By three o’clock, most of my co-workers knew of the news since it’s a small place, and I’ve been congratulated, hugged, and well . . . been called a traitor by more than one person, hahaha. Oh, and apparently I’m also killing a couple of staff because of this new job. I didn’t know one person could impact that many people.

It seems like half of the staff wants me to stay and the other half wants me to get out of here. I am not sure if those two discrepancies are cool or not. Actually, the one who I feel bad for leaving the most are the management (because they are losing a reliable staff member) and my lead teacher since I help her a lot with our classroom. X_X;;

Honestly, though, after I calmed down from the news, I thought about the pros and the cons of taking the new job.

Advantages of Taking the New Job
– Better pay and strangely enough this job’s part-time like my current one.
– Better hours where they are from 2ishpm to 8ishpm or 10ishpm, which means no more waking up at six in the morning!
– I prefer the older kids as an age group than kids under the age of six. X_X;;
– I get to work with computers — not very good ones as I’ve been told, but at least they run?
– The new job’s location main headquarters will be two minutes away from my current job . . . so visitation run!
– I will get LESS SICK HOPEFULLY. I don’t think I can survive another year of getting sick every bloody month.

– I has to work on Saturday! At least I get Sunday and one other day off.
– I will miss my favourite children X___X;;
– I will miss some of the staff I work with! Especially these awesome Korean ahjummas.
– I’ll have to work at three different locations depending on where I’m needed. Which can be a pain. Ahoy taxis and buses, get ready to accept my moola for my trip to Hannam Village!
– The familiarity of my current job will be MISSED. I’ll not enjoy trying to get used to another new job. *sighs*

Honestly, I am excited and apprehensive about taking this job. My biggest fear is that I’ll hate it or can’t handle it, and then I have to quit and go back to my current workplace (if they’ll accept me) or get a new job entirely. However, I do not turn down a challenge like this. I need a change. I want to go back to working with the older kids who I can snark around with instead of singing nursery rhymes all day long. I mean for the past eleven months, my current job really taught me a lot about the world, about other people, and about myself.

Oh well. The next couple weeks will prove to be interesting. Especially as I suffer from being called a traitor and a murder, and as I receive all sorts of congratulations and farewells. However, with every goodbyes, there is a hello somewhere waiting for me . . . I just hope it’s a good hello.


  1. Yay! Congrats on getting the new job! The advantages outweigh the disadvantages to me. I think it’s good to get away from familiarity once in a while, adds a little extra excitement XD The new job sounds like one you would like, so I really hope it goes well for you!

  2. Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck on your new job. I’m sure that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like an incredible opportunity – something that will probably lead to more career progression than what you’re currently doing.

  4. Congratulations on getting the job! Woot! I hope it goes well for you and you find yourself really liking it. X

  5. This is great news! It will be a step up for you, and remember that no job is without its shortcomings. What’s important is that you feel like you have room to grow and be yourself in the position. And better pay is a definite plus! You will miss these people, yes, but you will meet new people and have new challenges to keep life interesting. Go girl!

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