A Dying Computer Needs to be Replaced

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Seriously my computer is on the verge of death. Yesterday, something went kaput with AIM’s stupid advertisement. I must’ve accidentally clicked on it because next thing I know about 10,000 windows opened up, and it wouldn’t stop! I rebooted my computer three times after that. Actually, I had to forcefully shut it down.

On my first reboot, the desktop and everything loaded, but nothing would click or open. Second reboot, I got this screen that said my disk needed checking, but I bypassed it, and like the first time, desktop loaded and nothing worked. Finally on the third time, it loaded and worked normally. Let’s just say I spent the next hour and a half backing things up, which I was working ironically before the whole AIM’s ad crashed my computer.

In the past year, I’ve been thinking about asking my friend to build me a custom computer. I was planning on doing that by December. However, I fear I may have to start the process earlier than I wanted. You can bet the moon that I will want a decent computer with a lot of space, memory, processing speed, and many USB ports XD. I am not sure how much it will cost me, but for a good computer to be made in Seoul, where Emart’s accessible, it will not be that expensive — according to my friend, anyway!

But in the meantime, I shall suffer with this dying POS. Yes, it served me wonderfully in the last 4-5 years, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I want a faster computer and a better computer without ever worrying about the lack of space, darn it!


  1. Alternatively, you can get an iMac. :P After I converted from customized desktop/sony vaio to Macbook, I haven’t turned back since. :)

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