09-2008 Digi Cam Spam

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The hardest part about being an amateur photographer is . . . DUN DUN DUN, carrying the darn camera every single place you go. Regardless, here are a few photo opportunities I’ve had this month and its result.

These flowers were in my workplace area. The colour struck me as pretty, even if I am not a fan of red, and I was trying to practice focusing. Let’s just say I did a pretty arsed up job! At least I tried.

It was my mother’s birthday, so a few of us decided to go eat dinner at a traditional Korean restaurant. We had a bulgogi meal. It was pretty darn good. I’m writing up a detailed (sort of) blog entry about it at my Ningin Blog. Speaking of which, I was invited to be a regular blogger at Ningin. Check it out if you want Asian Media / Cultural News, as well as a pretty neat community. You do not need to be Asian, necessarily, as long as you’re into the Asian culture and media. I like how you can have one account and access other sites under that company. Really neat!

My aunt decided to give my mother this giant, plastic gold piggy bank. O_O First there was one. Then it decided to reproduce on its own . . . don’t ask why she bought my mother another one. I guess two currencies mean two piggy banks. Oi. Anyway, my mother’s been after my dad and me to put money in there. Well, one morning, my dad decided to put the $1 bills in each one. When my mother woke up, that was the first thing she saw, and it cracked her up. I didn’t even realise my dad did that until I saw it that night O_O;; It was just very random.

These are just random pictures of what I’m in love with.

1) Gin and Tonic at the Kebab restaurant, Istanbul, is the best, especially when it’s on a Saturday night, where you can get two for one!

2) My friend JB got me some Polvoron, Filipino snacks that I call the “cookie dough” snack. It really does taste like some sugar cookie dough, O_O;; Probably very unhealthy but it’s tremendously addicting and yummy. I think from the flavoured ones, the chocolate one is the best. The cookies and cream one disappointed me. X_X;;

3) Two years ago, I blogged an entry about me loving boxes. Well, my dad bought home this awesome tin box. It’s so pretty, and ironically it’s a chocolate box, much like the Guylian box. XD XD XD Yes, I love the weirdest things.

Okay. That’s enough picture spam. Now I need to recharge my camera. I think this month’s activities finally killed the battery that I charged back in July.


  1. Those are some nice pictures. I really need to start using my camera more. I’m scared I’m going to break it though since I’m such a… I’m surprised my cellphone is still in one piece, haha. XD

    That food is making me hungry… 2 more minutes until I can leave for lunch, wai!

  2. Haha that’s funny about the story of your mom’s pigs.

  3. That dinner looks so good! I lloovvee bulgogi! …now I want some =O

    hehe, those pigs are so cute looking, and that box is pretty. I like pretty tin boxes too. I try to find excuses to use them, so I end up stuffing random things in them XD;;

  4. Lovely shots of the flowers!! The color is very vibrant! The gold piggybank is a hilarious gift!!

    And the dinner looks good! I’m so deprived of Korean food. T__T Singapore doesn’t have any.

  5. Nice! What camera do you use?

  6. :) I like the first 3 photos the best, the flowers look nice; not the biggest fan of your composition of the rest of the objects though, but that’s just me. Gah, the food looks delicsh.

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