2-D vs. 3-D Video Games

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It’s always nice to meet fellow gamers. It’s infinitely nicer to meet someone who works with you who likes to play video games.

During my break, I had a brief conversation with my co-worker on 2-D and 3-D games. I mentioned to him that I don’t really like 3-D game because they make me dizzy. He instantly agreed with me, and we both mentioned Mario 64 and how it just drove us both crazy.

I also brought up how Final Fantasy 3-D is okay, like Final Fantasy X. It’s true; I can handle those 3-D, but 3-D like Suikoden III is just fugly and unappealing. Plus the camera angles always throw me off guard, much like Mario 64.

It is funny. I always thought most gamers nowadays like the 3-D stuff, and I was one of the rare gamers who like the old-school 2-D games. I guess not, though! Then again, I’m the same person who doesn’t like 3-D animated films like most of Pixar’s work, so I guess it goes hand in hand.


  1. I still like 2D games, but I think I definitely prefer 3D ones. I feel like it opens up more possibilities with camera angles and what you can do with your surroundings.

    I have a friend who gets dizzy from some games too, like Mario 64, but I wouldn’t blame it on the fact that it’s 3D. It’s more from motion sickness from how the camera moves. Final Fantasy 3D games mostly have fixed cameras whereas games like Mario 64 follow behind you and around you. I personally loved that game XD;;

  2. Yeah, certain 3-D games, like Counterstrike, if I play them for too long, I get dizzy. I can handle Kingdom Hearts and FF games, but I guess it’s the shooter/first person views that drive me crazy.

  3. Both. :D Because there are still 3D games with decent graphics which still suck. :) I’ve gotten addicted to Spore, though.

  4. I don’t really like 3D games either. I prefer the cute 2D ones. But I generally don’t play games though. :)

  5. It really depends. I’d rather play a 2D game if it’s a sub-par 3D game. Generally, however, I prefer 3D ones.

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