Mini Vacation Time! (And Chrome)

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I Can Regain My Sanity
For the next five glorious days, I will not think about work, not go near the workplace, and just have some time to relax, hang out with friends, and accomplish some agendas on my to-do list since April! X_X;;

Yes, I took some annual leave Thursday, Friday, and Monday to make it a lovely five-day weekend. HOMG. I needed this. I really needed this. Here’s what’s on my agenda for the next few days and for the rest of the month.

– Wake up at the ungodly hour of six in the morning.
– Go to SAHS to haunt the band room, play piano, and relive my volunteering/subbing days.
– Meet Elizabeth for lunch.
– Maybe go to Junggye-dong to meet Erin.

– Sleep in!
– Go to gym with Ubi the DS and play Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations for the third time.
– Meet Mike and swap letters for Final Fantasy III along with hanging out somewhere around Itaewon!

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
– Sleep for like twelve hours each day!
– Meet AJ.
– Work on couple website projects and other Internet agendas.
– Write fic.
– Watch more Rocky and Bullwinkle.
– Play Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, and The World Ends With You.
– Whatever else that I may find to do at the last minute. XD

– Wait for new credit card (hopefully it will come like it should instead of crapping out on me last month).
– Wait for new debit card and constantly worry if the old one will not work. X____X;;
– My huge list of Internet agendas that I do not get done this weekend.
– Continue with the fic writing.
– Work, work, and more work.
– Start and work on the October newsletter for work.
– Mummy’s birthday on the 24th — withdraw money for her X_X;;
– Keep a look out for three of my packages containing mangas.
– Get Hotel Dusk on September 11.
– And whatever else that may come up!

Google’s New Browser
I tried Chrome. Uhhhhh . . . I think I’ll stick with Firefox, even if FF’s been a pain lately, but I think it’s just my computer. Bah. I’ll kind of sit and wait on Chrome. I love my FF’s plugin and add-ons to give it up entirely, yet.


  1. Hmm I’ve read some stuff about Chrome but haven’t tried it. Probably won’t until it’s finalized. As for now, I’m satisfied with Firefox and Safari.

    Well, what a weekend you have there.

  2. I need to check out google chrome for the heck of it, but I will probably be the same as you and stick with FireFox… that would only figure since once I use something it is hard for me to change to something else.

    You won’t beleive how many people have been arguing with me about how IE is the best browser. I tend to try and avoid them now, hahaha.

    It sounds like your going to keep yourself nice and busy. I wish I could have 5 days off, but it is still way to early for me to even think about vacation time for my job. X_X boohoo

    Have fun with your days off, enjoy them to the max XD

  3. I see a lot of gaming there, yay XD I hope you’re having fun on your days off!

    I’m kind of meh on Google Chrome. I don’t really have interest in it. Until it becomes so used that it’s important to support it, I don’t feel the need to use it.

  4. I love Hotel Dusk.. although I kinda stopped playing it so now I don’t remember where I am in the game. =(

    As for Chrome, I agree there are a few bugs and sites that doesn’t work properly with it (eg. Facebook) but overall I like it alot. =)

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