Alcohol Galore!

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No, I am not an alcoholic. Seriously. However, these pictures below will indicate I am.

Yes, take-out cocktails in a bag. How . . . classy. Something about this is really incomprehensible. I guess it’s an interesting gimmick, but still, no thanks. I’d rather have mine in a glass at a bar or something. XD However, I guess if someone were to indulge themselves too much in these take-out cocktails or soju or whatever, this is what they will encounter:

Ah, Seoul, in Daehakro (Hyehwa Station area), where else will I find the most amusing and random thing?

Btw, these pictures are to be credited to Erin, who I met for the first time yesterday where we had a blast!


  1. I suppose it’s…um…convenient? :P

  2. hahaha, I guess people will go for anything that takes little effort. I personally would rather mix my own drinks at home.

  3. Haha…take-out cocktails. Somehow I imagined a drive through for it. I would like to order so and so….

  4. Wow. I don’t know who thought about that but wtf?

  5. LMAO that is funny. I guess you really have to be a drinker to really like those.

  6. hmm…. i’d like 15 bags to go please? haha… i’m having a party, and not drinking those all alone by myself on a wednesday afternoon >_>

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