Score One for Final Fantasy IV

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It’s been a bleeping month since Final Fantasy IV DS been released in the states. For the last month, I’ve been asking my dad to do a stake out at the PX on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see if the game would be put out on the shelf. Knowing that the PX is slow, I figured it’d take about three weeks for them to put it out. WRONG. It’s been over a month, and it’s still not out!

Let’s just say that I was finally getting fed up with the PX and decided to ask someone there if the game was even SHIPPED to the PX. Some dude came to answer my question, where a very frustrating conversation ensued.

Me: I just wanted to know if Final Fantasy IV for the DS will come at all.
Dude: *takes me back to the DS shelf* This is what we have.
Me: No, I want to know if the game will ever COME to the PX and be on the shelf.
Dude: This is what we have right now, and we stock on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Me: *thinks — I thought it was Tuesdays and Thursdays . . . * Okay, but will Final Fantasy IV ever be shipped over here?
Dude: *repeats his previous line*
Me: *finally, in Korean* Look, I don’t care about what’s here in front of me, I want to know if you guys even ORDERED the game to come here. It’s already been a month since it’s been released in the states.
Dude: Blahblahblahblah.
Me: I know you guys have a list somewhere that shows what games has been ordered. Can I just see that please?
Dude: The list?
Me: Yes. The list that SHOWS what games is due to arrive here.
Dude: *goes and brings back the list where the game in question was shipped out on July 22 at the bottom of the list*
Me: THAT ONE. *points*
Dude: Oh, Final Fantasy IV, let me go ask the stock room.
Me: *waits*
Dude: *comes back and says something about August 15* (I’m guessing he said that the shipment came in then?) Hold on, let me go check the stock room.
Me: *waits again*
Dude: *comes back, gives me the said game, and walks off before I could say anything*
Me: *mouth gapes open and accepts the game* Why didn’t you guys put this out on the shelf!? *calls out to the helpful but yet unhelpful dude* Thank you!

WHAT AN ORDEAL. Yes, the majority of the workers at the PX have some rather poor customer service and aren’t very knowledgeable at times. Very frustrating when I have to resort to asking them something . . . REALLY simple. Reminds me of the ordeal I went through to asking someone there how much the sixth Harry Potter book was going to cost X____X;;

Anyway, I got the game, and to end the day even better, my dear ol’ daddy paid for it! Thank you, Daddy! :3 And now I’m looking forward to the first three-day weekend since July 4th. THANK YOU, LABOUR DAY.


  1. Belinda on

    Ick to the ordeal but congrats for finally getting to play it! I’ve been playing it lately too and it’s pretty awesome the graphics are great motivators to keep playing (unlike in SNES). It’s really interesting I hope you like it as much as I do!

  2. lol! I hate PX workers. They always think they’re above the law or something.

    Are you in Korea? I was in Taegu about a year ago.

  3. Ahh how terrible! I would be breaking glass already. Well, at least you have your game now. =]

  4. I hate talking to a customer service rep who is dum and doesn’t know at all what they are selling. RLY frustrating.

  5. Those PX folks could work at an Apple Genius Bar! :-P

  6. Thats so horrible x.x;; Happened to me many times here as well, lol retarded girls working in game shop who totally dont have a clue about what they sell.
    At least you got it! :D

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