August 2008 Nostalgia Part II

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Couple weeks ago, I wrote about my travels through memory lane. I shall be walking down that same lane again over the span of days or weeks. The only difference is that these three DVD sets will be my best friends. Come on, $13 for each DVD set? That’s not bad at all. Plus, I also ordered this. Yes, I’m lame.

Rocky and Bullwinkle! Dudley Do-Right! Mr. Peabody and Sherman! Fractured Fairy Tales! I WILL BE IN HEAVEN.

Oh and add my father to the list of watching Rocky and Bullwinkle. XD He shall be seeing these after myself, so both of us will be travelling down the SAME memory lane. X_X;; That’s actually kind of scary. I guess in some ways, the generation gap isn’t that huge between us.


  1. Rocky and Bullwinkle! Awesome! That brings back so many memories.

    HAHA Carebears… that brings back even more memories.

    btw, would you like to link exchange?

  2. Oh man, Rocky and Bullwinkle! I loved that show when I was young! $13/set is a good price indeed.

  3. My exposure to Fractured Fairy Tales explains a LOT. That is GOOD STUFF! Yay!

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