Beijing Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

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I’ve watched the opening ceremony, so I had to see the closing ceremony.

It was . . . meh. Amazing, yes, but compared to the opening, it didn’t leave me that “WOW” impact. It was fun watching it, though. Watching it with my mother was an interesting experience, I’ll tell you that. She was very, er, enthusiastic.

Ah well. Now that the Olympics finally over . . . time to go back into my hole of not paying attention to current events.


  1. Yeah, I wasn’t that blown away. I wanted to see my Asian pop stars perform solo, like a free concert right in my living room. :P I didn’t want no Chinese opera warbling shit by women in qipao. I wanted some Jay Chou action! :P

  2. I don’t think the closing ceremony ever lives up to the opening.. but it was still pretty awesome. =P

  3. The “Memory Tower” or “Tower of Memories” or whatever was pretty lame, IMHO. I felt bad for the dudes who had to wear the silver lame body suits.

    I’m always sad when the Olympics is over – it’s cool to just turn on the tube any time of day and night and see the games. It’s okay. Two more years and the winter games (which I enjoy much more than summer) will be upon us.

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