Panties Guider and Other Preschool Funnies

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Today, I felt like Chi from Chobits. That scene where she says “panties” about a million times? I said that word about that much. Only difference is that I was loudly saying the following sentences about ten times each:

“Where are your panties?”
“Put your panties on!”
“Take your shoes off first and then take the panties off!”
“Whose panties are these?!”
“Take your panties off before you wear your swimsuit!”

Today was our weekly water play day with the preschoolers. X_X;; Take it from me that it’s not easy supervising about ten girls to change from their clothes into their swimsuit and back into their clothes. It’s definitely a humongous task to ensure that these girls take care of their clothes and not get them mixed up with one another. X_X;; Sure once they are out, and we get to spray them with the hose, it’s fun, but the preparation and the ending part sucks! Thank goodness this is the last time we are having water play.

Let’s just say I definitely felt like a pervert after I realised just how many times I’ve said that word today! OI.

*ahem* Along with the, er, panties, here are some other funny preschool moments I’ve encountered last month.

#1: We reviewed about Yellowstone National Park. I asked them to name it, and they said, “YelloROCK”.

#2: When I asked them to name the Yosemite National Park, they all called it the “Redwood Forest Park”.

#3: The Washington Memorial became the “Tall Tower Thingie”. On the flip side, after I told them to remember that the Lincoln Memorial was the long, wide one, they called it the “Long Washington Memorial”.

#4: I showed them a picture of the Spaceship Mountain at the Epcot Centre, and one kid shouted, “It’s a golf ball!” This literally made me speechless as I burst out laughing realising how right the kid was.

Ah, preschoolers. I shall miss the good kids who are transitioning next week and the week after to Kindergarten and Pre-K. X_x;;


  1. Hahaha, PANTIES!

    Little kids are so funny and adorable.

  2. Wow, that would wear me out. I remember having to do something similar a long time ago. It was for one of my little sisters birthday and she had a ton of friends come. The parents left it to me to get them dressed and to watch them in the pool.

    It’s a good thing that back then I liked dealing with kids… haha

  3. preschoolers are so helpless and cuuuuuuute!!!!!!! :3 panties panties pantiesssss!!!!

  4. Kids are so funny when they say those obvious things that adults overlook. Glad you’re enjoying the teaching.

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