Borscht Me!

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I am a true nerd. A bit of a stupid one at times, but a nerd all the same. Only I would be excited and shocked to see that Borscht is a real food being sold in the Commissary. Borscht, an important food in Apollo Justice aka Gyakuten Saiban IV.

Yes, I saw a jar of Borscht on the shelf, and I stared at it and started babbling to my dad about how I thought it wasn’t a real food since it was in a video game . . . I be pathetic. Borscht me for cracking myself up with video game references! XD XD (Of course it doesn’t help that I just finished my second play-through of the game recently.)


  1. Tara, Borchst is a real food. It’s a Russian staple. It’s sausage, like Bratwurst, that is served with a sauce. Rather pungent in taste, but very tasty. Oh, yes, and Sauerkraut is a must with Borscht.

  2. This happened to me with Baked Alaska. I thought it was just a fictional dessert in The Sims 2, until I went to a buffet at a hotel and the chefs served it. I jumped and pointed and screamed, “BAKED ALASKA! BAKED ALASKA!”. It really does fill the tummy up like it does in the game. :P

  3. Mmm, Borscht soup!

  4. Lol. That must have been quite a moment for you. ^__^

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