August 2008 Nostalgia

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DVDs Marathon
Recently, I ordered My Little Pony: The Movie, Babar: The Movie, and Snoopy, Come Home from Amazon. The first two were films I owned and loved on VHS, so I finally decided to upgrade. Oh man. Those two brought back much memories from my childhood. XD. Too bad the last one, as much as I love Peanuts, wasn’t all that great. Of all the feature-length Peanuts film, this is one I have never seen before, so compared to the first two, there were no feelings of nostalgia when I watched it. I mean, it was good for what it was worth, but the other Peanuts films I saw as a child were better.

Old-School RPGs Rock My Soul
I tried the first fifteen minutes of Heroes of Mana. BLEEEEEEEEEH. While the premise was interesting, the battle system was not. *stabs it* WTF. Creating units from a ship? No thank you. Strategy-rpg? Hell no. I stay away from them. Luckily, I tried Final Fantasy 3 DS after that, and I have to say that was much better. It won me over more than HoM did, and OMG. THE OLD-SCHOOL RPG . . . brings back memories of Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star IV, and even the first two Suikoden games! There was something about the pixelated, 32-bit style overworld map and dungeons that made me go GUH. This cinches it. I may have grown up and live in a 3D animation world — but give me 2D over that any time and any day!

Yes, I’m still a child. Never mind the fact that I work with children, I am a child myself. Always will be apparently.

On a random note, I’ve added more to the ME section of the site. I aimed for the content to be sarcastic as possible, but I am not 100% sure I succeeded.


  1. The movies that I watched in my younger days were the Disney movies and the Home Alone movies. Ahh…I haven’t watched those in forever. I don’t even know where my mom put my old VHS…

  2. You know what I love watching? OLD DISNEY MOVIES!!! <3 I’ve recently gotten my hands on the whole collection and will be rewatching them soon. =P YAY!

  3. haha, that makes me want to upgrade my old VHS to DVDs too. I was a fan of old Disney movies and Ninja Turtles when I was younger though :3

    I didn’t know there was a Heroes of Mana game for DS! (I knew about Children of Mana though.) I wonder if it’s a game I should try. I think I give up on FF3 though =( It kind of bores me… a lot.

  4. I keep watching cartoons and buy dvds of them :3 and proud to do so! I loved Babar was one of my fav shows got my bf a game boy and ff6! ehehe

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