Beijing Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

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* Curse the few American channels for NOT showing the opening ceremony — making me resort to watching the ceremony on a Korean channel, starting with MBC. Damn me for pushing an unknown button on the remote and losing the channel on my mother’s confusing cable TV — took me 10 minutes to find MBC. Fuck MBC for taking a commercial break in a middle of a live performance. Thank you KBS1 for not doing a commercial break.

* Wow. Just simply spectacular. The Chinese went overboard with it. Seriously, if I understood the Korean commentator, they said the acts were practised for ten months? Wow. Talk about serious dedication.

* I am amazed that the fireworks didn’t start a huge fire. That was the most fireworks I’ve ever seen explode on TV or real life. On a side note, like the Korean news commentator said, “It was my first time seeing smiley face fireworks!”

* That huge mural/scroll thing, where the dancers painted, the children coloured, and the participants stamped, was a neat concept.

* I must be a masochist for spending the last three hours watching all the countries march in. *DIES*

* This is the first time I’ve watched TV for more than five minutes in like months. Wow. The world must be coming to an end.


  1. That’s so cool that you were watching it live. I didn’t have enough spirit and energy within me to search through the channels for a live showing. Oh well, I guess I’ll be fine watching it late tonight.

  2. I watched it too, but on CCTV (my parents get Chinese satellite TV here in Australia), and I was just…blown away. Simply blown away by the majesty of the whole production.

  3. I… didn’t watch it because I don’t have a TV at home… :S

  4. I’m not even interested in the Olympics anymore. Good luck watching it all, lol.

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