Keep the Home Fries Burning

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More like rice cake burning.

Another weird, out of the ordinary event happened in the morning. Dad dropped me off at my workplace. I was on my way inside the building when I heard some high-pitched noise. Right as I was near the entrance, a couple of people who were going in came back out saying that they were to leave the building since it was a fire drill.

My next thought ended up being, “who the hell does a fire drill exercise at 7:15 in the morning?!” Turns out that it wasn’t a drill. The fire alarms did go off, and a fire truck came and everything. I found out later that one of my co-workers had decided to heat some 떡 (Theok — Korean rice cake) in the microwave. Well, my co-worker had unknowingly punched in 10:00 instead of 1:00. While the microwave was running, my co-worker was too busy gabbing with friends to realise that the food was burning inside. It wasn’t until the smoke was being emitted from the microwave that the people in the staff lounge realised something was burning. They stopped the microwave and tried to open the window to let the smoke out, but it was too late as the smoke set the alarms off. O_O;;

Good thing it wasn’t anything seriously horrible, but boy the smell was bad in there when I walked in after things were cleared. Seriously. After yesterday’s morning events and today’s . . . I hope tomorrow’s morning is less strange.

Speaking of yesterday, I have no clue what happened to the dude we rescued. See, we didn’t get the two men’s names, so yeah . . . O_O;; Oh well. I just hope he’s fine.


  1. haha, wow, your mornings have been so eventful lately XD One of my roommates did that once; she burned some meat in the microwave. Luckily, the alarms didn’t go off, but man, our microwave never smelled the same after that.

  2. See what mistakes people make at 7:15 in the morning? It should be illegal to make people get up so early! :P

  3. Haha….setting off the fire alarm with microwave. I’ve done that so many times when making popcorn. I think my alarm is extra sensitive to popcorn.

  4. Jeez. You have had an eventful two days huh? Crazy stuff!

  5. I love Theok. But well, at 7.15 in the morning…shiz happens. xD

    And ain’t it “home fires” or summat? I remember that song from “Oh What a Lovely War”. Stellar play; we had it in school sometime Winter 07. I was part of the technical team =)

  6. hii, wow microwave caused all this trouble? I always had a fear of heating something over 1 min… after reading your post of how a perfectly good rice cake got killed… I’m not sure if i’ll use the microwave for awhile now lol. It was nice reading your blog ^-^

  7. That’s hilarious.. I went down to microwave some food after reading that and I almost pressed a couple extra zeros because I was thinking about what you wrote. hahahha.

  8. What a shameful waste of theok. Also, too bad about the microwave.

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