An Unexpected Morning

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My father and I took someone to the emergency room this morning.

What happened was that my dad was driving us in to the base as he usually does. We had just left our apartment complex, and we were halfway down “Garbage Hill” when he suddenly stopped, backed up, and then went back to where he stopped. I asked him what he was doing, and he answered me, but I didn’t hear him. Just as I was thinking my dad suddenly turned insane, I see a Caucasian dude carrying an African-American dude over his shoulder like he was a sack of potato. The two of them, who were somehow affiliated through the base (either by being military or civilian), must have been out for a morning run together when something happened to the latter. The former asked us if we were heading to the base, and next thing I know, my dad and I were helping the two of them into our jeep. The African-American dude was lying in the back seat, and the Caucasian dude ended up in our trunk.

Let’s just say that woke me up in a really nasty way and put me in a daze that lasted the next fifteen minutes. That fifteen minute felt really long though. Here, my dad was trying to drive us as fast as he could, and he offered the dude in pain some water, which I ended up opening for him. The Caucasian dude kept comforting and reassuring the African-American dude who was moaning and groaning in pain. I was in the front clenching my fist and teeth, wishing we had a siren on the top of our car. Of course, the sirens wouldn’t have made a big fucking difference in Seoul, but once on base, the other auto mobiles would have moved out of our way.

We arrived on base for the base guard to scan our IDs. It was a bit annoying to see the guy not doing it fast as he could, though, even after my dad told him we had an emergency. X___X;; After the long, agonising ride, we finally made it to the hospital, and I ran in to get somebody. One guy on duty ran out with me with a wheel chair.

Now that the day’s over, I just hope the dude’s okay. I asked me dad if he was dehydrated, and my dad wasn’t sure what exactly was wrong with him. See, I thought it was like a heat stroke, but my dad said it doesn’t seem to be the case since he was sweating so much. Whatever it was, I am just glad that we were there at the right time. Even better, I am so glad my dad’s more observant than me!


  1. Rebecca on

    wahh so your dad basically saved a life! so crazy….. very noble thing to do :D

  2. Wow, your dad is really awesome. Superhero dad, totally saved that other dude.

  3. Wow that’s intense…. did you find out what happened to him yet?

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